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Net Worth $ 150 Million
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Born on: 22nd Dec 72 Born in: France Marital status: Single Occupation: Singer and Model
Born Vanessa Chantal Paradis has an estimated net worth of $150 million.   Vanessa Chantal Paradis has made a name for herself as a singer and an affluent celebrity. She has been acting and singing from the early 80s and has popularized her name throughout Europe via roles in movies likeCafe de Flore, Heartbreaker and Noce Blanche. However, it must be said that in recent years she has filled the tabloids and newspapers as Johnny Depp's girl - more so after their breakup in June 2012 following 14 years of living together. Ms. Paradis has an impressive discography. Starting with M&J, she had released 5 studio albums by 2007. She also has 4 live albums with her album LIVE being the top grosser with 150,000 Francs in 1994. She has been quite a prolific actor too with more than a dozen movies to her credit. Add another dozen or so singles to her credit, again with her first (Joe le taxi) being her best. In 2011, she became the spokeswoman for Chanel. However the greatest source of income will be the 'palimony' of $150 million that Johnny Depp has promised to pay her. 2011 saw the singer touring extensively in USA, Canada, Europe, UK and Turkey for her concerts. Touring for various reasons is another thing that she has had extensively in her life! She has been spotted in Montreal (Canada), Tokyo, Ibiza, Saint Tropez and Antibes. And she vacations in style too as sailed in a personal yacht at Corsica, off the coast of France. She has purchased (courtesy her former partner, Depp) a sprawling Mediterranean-style mansion on Mulholland Drive at an estimated $4.4 million. She makes use of a host of top-notch brands which include Guiseppe Zanoti, Jimmy Choo, Hermes and Marc. She owns a large heart too and performs quite a bit of charity. For long, she has been a patron of the children's charity "Rêve", donating up to 750,000 francs (proceeds from a concert) on an occasion. Restos du cœu, the meals-on-wheels French charity for the homeless has also benefited from her magnanimity. It was the French television show, L'Ecole Des Fans, which provided the little Vanessa her first break. Soon, at 13, she recorded her debut single, La Magie Des Surprises-Parties. The big break came when she was invited by her uncle to sing along for the song Joe le Taxi. There was no looking back after that and it was 'Paradis'e found for her with the album M&J, closely followed by a eponymous album Vanessa Paradis. 1994 saw her move from stage into the worldwide stage of fashion and soon into the silver-screen world. She won the Cesar award for the most promising actress even as she started off with Noce Blanche. She has grown as an actress winning the best actress award in her 2012 Café de Flore. Being relevant after 3 decades of acting is some achievement. She dated many singers before falling in love with Johnny Depp. Their 14-year relationship ended recently with the break-up in June 2012 after having resulted in a daughter and a son.
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Vanessa Paradis Estates and Homes (1)

Hollywood Hills Villa

Hollywood Hills Villa

French actress, model and singer Vanessa Paradis has recently parted ways from her boyfriend of 14 years Johnny Depp. But instead of being filled with bitterness about the end of the relationship, Paradis has a massive $4.4 million mansion to remember her Hollywood star ex-beau by. Purchased by Depp through a trust, the property is now home to the French beauty and the couple’s kids, Jack and Lily-Rose.

Location: The home is located on Mulholland Drive in the eastern section of Hollywood Hills.

Accommodation: Vanessa Paradis’ new Hollywood Hills mansion is laid out over a sprawling 5,800-square-foot space. The spacious double storey pad comes with five bedrooms and French windows which offer its inhabitants a grand view of the city.

Features: Paradis’ new mansion is designed in a distinctly Mediterranean style. The cozy home features modern luxuries like a hot tub and a swimming pool though it retains its old-world charm via its luxuriant hardwood floors, wood-beamed ceilings and arched doorways. The home is nestled in a wooded area and is located close to all the major movie studios in Hollywood and is within walking distance of the famed Sunset Strip.

Neighborhood: Mulholland Drive is one of the most posh residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles and is home to big name celebrities like Madonna, Warren Beatty, Pamela Anderson, Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brandon. Hollywood A-listers Nicolas Cage and Julia Roberts too own homes close to the locale.

Vanessa Paradis Brands (4)

Ugg Australia Women’s Ultimate Short Boots

Vanessa wears Ugg Australia Women’s Ultimate Short Boots

Vanessa was photographed wearing these boots while on her way to the airport. The shoes with reinforced toe and heels have been made using a combination of suede upper materials along twin faced sheepskin. Its genuine sheepskin shoe liner helps to soaks moisture and keeps the feet dry. The booties also possesses a removable padded shearling insole.

Chanel 4185 Black Aviator Sunglasses

Vanessa donned Chanel 4185 Black Aviator Sunglasses

The Frenchwoman donned these stylish shades during her Los Angeles shopping trip on October 2012. The black aviator sunglasses come with mirrored tear drop shaped silver lenses offering complete UV protection and a textured plastic frame along with black ear socks. The glares cost approximately $180.

Chanel Classic Mini Flap Bag

Paradis carried this mini flap bag to a public event.

Paradis carried this mini flap bag to a public event. The accessory features gold hardware and has been crafted from chocolate brown colored lambskin hide. Its main compartment contains a flat inside pocket along with a zippered interior pocket.

J Brand Leather Low Rise Jeans

The singer wore these low rise crinkled stretch leather jeans to the January 2012 premiere of the movie “Cafe de Flore Paris”.

The singer wore these low rise crinkled stretch leather jeans to the January 2012 premiere of the movie “Cafe de Flore Paris”. The $1,200 red colored garment features rear patch pockets with belt loops and imitation front pockets.

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