Vauxhall Monaro VXR

$ 59.3 Thousand
Top Speed
180 mph (mph)

The Vauxhall Monaro VXR is the brand name under which the original Holden Monaro was sold in the United Kingdom between 2001 and 2005. The Holden Monaro comes from the stables of GM Holden Ltd, a subsidiary of General Motors US in Australia. The Monaro is named after an iconic place and it is a hard top, two doors, and two seats vehicle with a central V6 engine and the VXR is the redesigned model of the Holden Commodore Coupe Prototype, christened the Monaro.


The Monaro VXR is powered by a 6 L V8 which produces 400 hp and the torque produced is 391 lb.ft. The engine also features an air cooled, turbo charged function. The car does well at lower revs and is very stable at a higher rpm. The mid placed alignment of the engine helps the car gain massive power and the transmission distributes it equally among the rear wheels. Hence, the car has an excellent power to weight ratio.


The Monaro VXR has a tech savvy interior with a charcoal black leather seat with the option of dual tone leather seat. The carbon fiber dash board has a smart set of electronics mounted on it and the steering wheel is made of carbon fiber. The gear knob, brake and the clutch pedal is of aluminum finish and this helps keep the overall weight down. The rear space is large enough to accommodate enough luggages and this increases the practicality of the car. There are basic steering mounted controls for the air conditioner and the music player.

The Vauxhall Monaro VXR is feature enriched and this car has adequate safety and comfort features as well. Basic features like the ABS and airbags for the driver and the passenger is standard on both the models. Air condition, an advanced climate control, GPS, LED lighting, a monitor, parking sensors, etc are the other features. Apart from these, the suspension is of high quality and the front dual disk wish bone and the rear single wish bone suspension makes for a superb ride quality. The car can go on bumps without much difficulty and the under seat suspension also does its part for comfort. The best part about the vehicle is the under seat air condition which is not standard for most of the vehicles in this category.


The VXR has the patent front grille, the dual headlamps, the side shafts and the sleek design of a sports coupe. The hood has a smart design and this helps to cool down the air cooled engine. A basic spoiler helps the car aerodynamically but it is not electronically controlled and hence, not very effective. However, this is not required much as the car is not blazingly fast and the aerodynamics is smart enough to hold the car together. The VXR is available in a hardtop and a convertible model and the convertible is christened as the Marilyn Monaro.