Vera Wang China Stores $500 Trial Fee for Brides

Andrea Divirgilio / March 26, 2013

When there are brides who would spend a little more than $500 to fix an entire wedding ensemble, designer Vera Wang has managed to charge the same amount for just trying on her dresses, for the uber rich wealthy brides. The wedding gown designer who boasts of clients like Kim Kardashian and Alicia Keys, has created some of the most expensive wedding dresses, but this just might be the most expensive dress trial in the world. The particular store which is cooking up the storm for weirdest reason, is based out of downtown Shanghai, and there is also a time limit of 90 minutes for trying these dresses on, at a time. Not just that, if the customer buys a dress, $500 is deducted from the cost but they dont, the customer looses the money.

Vera Wang design

On delving into reasons why such a charge has been levied, a media release from the Vera Wang label said that since the Chinese fashion industry is thriving on infriging copyrights of designers’ creation, the the brand has gone ahead to put in these charges on customers. They also say that it helps weed out non-serious customers who wouldnt otherwise end up buying a dress from one of the Vera Wang boutiques. They have also added, that some stores in Kong Kong have implemented this idea successfully, where brides pay a fee for trying on a dress.

Vera Wang design

Top PR executive from Vera Wang, Priya Shukla said, The activities of one of our international partners was brought to our attention. We are reviewing this carefully and taking measures to ensure all of our stores offer the same standard of excellence worldwide.” Though it sounds like a diplomatic package, but the designer label needs to really rethink its strategy of protecting its design copyrights, if a market like China needs to be worked upon.

UPDATE: The brand and the store received were backlashed worldwide, which led them to abolish the trial fee. As per Vera Wang official statement, “Upon careful investigation and review of the policies of our international operators, we will be abolishing appointment fees in all of our store.”

Via: Racked

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