Vertu Constellation carbon-fibre smart-phone combines design of aeronautics and motorsports
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Vertu Constellation carbon-fibre smart-phone combines design of aeronautics and motorsports

Vertu Constellation carbon-fibre smart-phone combines design of aeronautics and motorsports

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Vertu, a name synonymous with elegance, style and perfection in designer mobile handsets has introduced its latest range, named ‘Constellation’. buy Tadalafil online Handcrafted by designer Joe Cameron, this handset combines the designing elements of aeronautics and motorsport, along with the perfection of craftsmanship, which is closely with the luxury brand.

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For upwardly mobile technology connoisseurs Vertu brings in characteristics which symbolize the art associated with Vertu phones, such the Sea of sapphire on the keypad and screen, which are individually polished and fitted by expert engineers. Each key is crafted individually from sapphire crystal, bringing in the unique shape and appeal to the face of the phone. The casing has been made from carbon
fiber and set of precious metals such as titanium, to bring in durability and an overall perfect finish to the structure. The leather which adorns the back casing and the significant portion of the front panel has been handcrafted into a synchronicity of patterns which remains blemish-free and largely unrivalled, yet doesn’t affect the reception capabilities of the handset. If the other materials used already weren’t enough, ceramics have been used on the handset to give comfort of use, with the characteristic ‘V-shaped’ ear-pad on the top end of the phone, blending in uniquely to the overall design.

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The technology features on the phone haven’t been compromised with. The ringtone options in the phone have been created exclusively by the London Orchestra and Benjamin Wallfisch, adding to the users’ experience. For those travelling to different destinations around the world, the phone features a unique in-built dual time-zone clock which displays the time for multiple locations at the same time. Since data security and management is the need of the hour, a special data management system called ‘Vertu Me’ has been imbibed, which helps
in keeping all data secure, updated and easily accessible through the internet, on the phone or even personal computers. For those who like to click away, a 5 megapixel camera at the back of the phone is at the user’s convenience to use. Since, the brand is associated with customization and luxurious experiences, a personal concierge is available which would render personalized styling advise to buyers of the phone, as per their needs.

Joanne Cameron, the British designer the main brain behind the styling of the phone is not a new entrant on the block. Her earlier work
includes the Vertu Signature precious handset which was adorned with crafted and polished gemstones and gold. Vertu also has celebrated Valentine ’s Day with the Pink Quest version of the phone. This sends out a significant message for the brand, which has given its buyer’s every possible luxurious option to choose from, when it comes to its products which are also synonymous with customized luxury.

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