Vertu Signature Dragon to spit fire on your pockets

Andrea Divirgilio / December 25, 2008

vertu dragon dFdHz 48

Back in 2006, Vertu unveiled its limited edition Signature Cobra handset and exactly after two years, the luxury mobile phone maker wants to impress us with the Signature Dragon. As far as design is concerned, there looks to be nothing new except that this time, the cobra on the phone has been replaced with a dragon done in precious stones. This dazzling phone is on display at the Vertu store in the Wynn hotel, Las Vegas. Similar to the Vertu Signature Cobra, the Signature Dragon hasn’t been listed on the company’s website. Considering the fact that the Signature Cobra was priced at $310,000, we must expect the new Vertu Signature Dragon luxury phone to come with a real hefty price tag. Is someone talking about the credit crunch?

Via: UberGizmo/SlipperyBrick

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