Vertu unveils its Signature Precious Luxe Phone Series studded with gemstones
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Vertu unveils its Signature Precious Luxe Phone Series studded with gemstones

Vertu unveils its Signature Precious Luxe Phone Series studded with gemstones

Vertu Signature Precious

Vertu, a name known for making mobile phones of style and meticulous perfection, has introduced a new series with the name Signature Precious. The series will comprise of handsets, with have been embedded with precious stones and metals, with the perfection that is only associated with hand-craftsmanship.

Each mobile handset has been handcrafted by Joanne Cameron alone, who has used the finest of precious metals and gemstones, adding in a whole new dimension to exclusivity and style. In fact, there are multiple options available from where the clients can choose the material with which their phones can be made.

Beginning with the sim-card drawer at the top, which has been made from either solid platinum or gold, and has been engraved with the logos of Vertu and Swiss Assay office. Coming to the keypad, the buttons have been created from a rare variety of sapphire, the styling of which is patented by the company.

Also embedded below them, are precious rubies which too, have been crafted to size individually. The very face of the handsets has been created by molding and finishing, inside a furnace with the internal temperature of 2000 degrees centigrade. For those with a knack for special ringtones, the phones in-built options have been composed by award winning composer Dario Marianelli, exclusively for Vertu.

Also, to give the clients a special treatment, the concierge service shall be dedicating a life-style manager to each client, for a period of 3 months that shall help the client experience the perfection and enrichment associated with the brand. Vertu phones have been known to create devices that are suited for the uber-rich and a distinct taste in terms of style.

The Signature Precious also brings along a specialty of services, which include a cost-free service and maintenance option for 24 months of purchase, and also a styling manager for 3 months who would offer advice and expertise specific to the client’s location and needs. The accessories of the handset include a bejeweled charger stand, which is placed inside a casing made from the finest Italian leather, which can be synchronized with most computers or even a MAC PC, and the Bluetooth headset for the user on the move.

For Vertu lovers, our previous coverage includes the Vertu Ferrari Ascent 60 and the 3G Ascent Ti. Their variety and long standing relationship with style, craftsmanship and exclusivity are apparent from their previous offerings and one can expect a step further in the times to come.

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