Vickers English Roadster SL bicycle is hand built in Great Britain and tailored to your needs

Andrea Divirgilio / April 5, 2013

When we look at bicycles like the Nicolas James edition, the Lady Milano limited edition, or the DeLorean steel bike, it is obvious that some of the classic shapes and designs are still in vogue amongst the fashionable elite. Now, a boutique British company called ‘Vickers Bicycle’ has crafted a range of classic luxury bicycles from the finest material and components. The Vickers English Roadster SL bicycle which has been entirely built in Great Britain, giving it an edge in terms of design and finesse based on the timeless style perfect for every style. Hand crafted to perfection, these bicycles have been put together using the most fine quality materials, and intelligent design. Tailored to your needs, there are three bicycle models for sale, with Vickers English Roadster SL being the priciest carrying a price tag of $5,900. The other model starts selling for $2,700, depending on the choice of fabrication and other customizations.

Vickers English Roadster SL Bicycle

Crafted in style for those with classic tastes , the overall appearance doesn’t show a lot of bling or abstract design elements from the makers standpoint. The structure has been kept simple and elegant, though engineering has been perfected nevertheless. For example, the tubing of the cycle has been done by Reynolds, who are known to be pioneers of making such similar structures. This brings in the stability and easy handling feature within the rider’s control. This comes matched with the leather taping on the handle bars and saddle, which brings in a high state of comfort while riding.

Vickers English Roadster SL Bicycle

Some of the other designing touches which seemed impressive, were the swept back handle bars which prevent your clothing from getting out of place from time to time. Also the chain guard ensures that the dirt and slush is kept away from riders’ clothes as much as possible, which means this bicycle can be used just about anywhere, including formal get-together.

Vickers English Roadster SL Bicycle craftsmanship

Since all the Vickers English Roadster’s are handmade, the cycle maker offers the additional benefit of being able to pick from a few options in order to customize the cycle’s looks as per preference. The 2 major finishes available currently include the matt black for white ice, whereas the optional gearing system include the 8-speed manual or 2-speed automatic options. For high speed cycle racing, the automatic option suits better as the gears move along without any interruption to cycling experience as such. To order any of these versions of the Vickers English Roadster, you need to have timeline of 6 weeks since most parts will be individually crafted.

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Via: Vicker’s Bicycles

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