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Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham goes jogging in customised trainers

Andrea Divirgilio / May 23, 2013

Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham  has been in the news recently, since she has been a big part of the her husband David Beckham‘s retirement plans. As a celebrity, stardom isn’t something new for her, as she remains one of the most noted names in the media attributed to her keen sense of fashion and style. Most of the time somber in her choice of clothing accessories, she decided to grab eye-balls in a slightly different manner. A couple of days back, ‘Posh’ Beckham put up a photograph of her green training shoes, which incidentally have been monogrammed with her name. Revealed just a few days ago, the Nike shoes are a bright green, with her name monogrammed in Black.

In an enthusiastic proclamation of her latest fashion accessory, Victoria tweeted, “Lets go running fashion bunnies!!! Beautiful evening in London,” before flashing her personalised running shoes. With the high heels she is known to be wearing at every occasion, this comes has a truly welcome change. However, her fans will be waiting to see whether she further choose to let go of her usual lot of haute coutre, into something which less formal, and perhaps a more candid approach in general. How about some bespoke flip-flops, huh? Till she plans her fashion accessory, one could always gush over the Range Rover Interiors   and the handbag collection  which is known to have hefty price tags to carry. 

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