Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game meets your virtual putt-putt needs

Andrea Divirgilio / October 8, 2009

video arcade miniature golf game
Tee off right at your home with this Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game available from Hammacher Schlemmer. Designed to give the ultimate experience in miniature golf, this machine is of the same size miniature golf video game found in arcade parlors. While it uses real golf putters and balls, the courses and obstacles are virtually displayed on the 32-inch vertically mounted LCD display. Up to four competitors can play on two virtual courses, the casino-themed Las Vegas course and the tiki torch-themed Paradise Island course. Golf fanatics can putt the ball with the club the way they use to do in real miniature golf. Shot controls allow you to adjust your view left or right, offering overhead or ball view to plan the optimal path to the hole. After the ball rolls toward the base of the LCD video screen, its position and trajectory is calculated virtually. Sound comes from a set of three speakers. Everything about the Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game looks inviting except the hefty price of $6,900.

Via: OhGizmo/CrunchGear

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