Vikram Chatwal

United States
Net Worth :$ 450 Million
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Born on: 1st Nov 71
Born in: United States
Marital status: Married
Occupation: Vikram Chatwal Hotels

Son of an Indian-American Businessman and founder of the exclusive hotel dynasty “Vikram Chatwal Hotels”, Vikram Chatwal is a multitalented personality and a wealthy Manhattan socialite. Apart from expanding his hotel empire, the American hotelier is also known for dating models, acting and charity work. Having earned the 2005, “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, the hotel mogul is also eminent for utilizing his chain of hotels to host the energetic, exploding parties of New York City.

Born in an Indian Sikh family in “Addis Ababa”, Vikram moved to Montreal and finally to New York, where his father Sant Singh Chatwal started his hotel business. Before graduating from the “Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania” and offering his services to the financial services company “Morgan Stanley”, Young Vikram attended the “United Nations International School” in New York.

At the age of 28, in April 1999, Vikram created his independent hotel group Vikram Chatwal Hotels, by founding The Time Hotel, the first in the hotel tycoon’s chain of nine luxury hotels which include Dream New York, Dream Bangkok, Dream Cochin, and Night, spread in five cities.

The hotel tycoon’s life is bundled with affluence, celebrity status and recognitions. The first Sikh model to find place on the pages of magazine "Vogue”, Vikram is eminent for dating hot celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen and Esther Canadas. Owner of the vast hotel empire, Vikram has a net worth estimated at $450 million. The hotel mogul’s other lavish possessions include his $6 million “bachelor pad” in Manhattan and a 148-ft. super yacht “Falthom”. The business magnate also appeared in a leading role in the movie “One Dollar Curry”. 

The wealthy hotelier was considered to be one of the most eligible bachelors until his extravagant marriage to model Priya Sachdev. Vikram’s splendid wedding featured 600 high-profile guests and a reported expenditure of $20 million. The grand wedding celebration took place through the duration of  10 days across three Indian cities.

Vikram Chatwal Estates and Homes ( 1 )


SoHo Bachelor Pad, Manhattan

owned by
Vikram Chatwal
Vikram Chatwal

Vikram Chatwal owns a $6 million bachelor pad in Manhattan, which the hotel mogul purchased in 2010. The wealthy hotelier further got the condominium furnished by engineer and decorator “Mark Zeff”, after spending another $2 million.


Location: The pricey bachelor pad is located in Manhattan, New York, USA.


Accommodation: Vikram’s 4,000-square-foot condominium features a “turn-of-the-century feel” with use of darker colors and design references inspired by his luxury yacht “Fathom”. The brownish-red hardwood floors appear elegant and so do the wall panels. The condominium includes four comfy bedrooms and four and a half bathroom.  


The master bedroom walls are upholstered in soft leather while the dining room includes burgundy upholstered chairs and benches. The living room features marvelous neon red light bulbs shaped in a pattern forming the word 'Vicious'.


One of the most highlighted feature of the pricey property is Vikram’s “wall of self-realization,” featuring a collection of his framed press clippings and his group photographs with his father and eminent personalities like Bill Clinton. Other prominent features of the lavish bachelor pad include a mirrored wall with a built-in TV, a huge nude picture of a seductively posed actress “Pamela Anderson” shot by Sante D'Orazio and a surfboard with the word 'Gratitude' painted on it.

The living room

The well furnished living room features marvelous neon red light bulbs shaped in a pattern forming the word 'Vicious'

Abundant natural light

Ample natural light glorifies the pad's interiors

Beautiful decoration

The condominium also includes a huge nude picture of a seductively posed actress “Pamela Anderson” shot by Sante D'Orazio

Painted surfboard

The condominium features a surfboard leaning against the wall with the word 'Gratitude' painted on it

Marvelous interiors

The brownish-red hardwood floors appear elegant and so do the wall panels

Living hall

Additional insulation between floors and interior walls inside living hall makes it different from others

Serene Sitting area

The sitting area features a large size table and soft leather seats for relaxing or reading

The Kitchen

Well equipped kitchen glorifies with the decorative wood panels

Main staircase

The staircase joins the upper floor living room from the lower hall

Vikram Chatwal Yachts ( 1 )



owned by
Vikram Chatwal
Vikram Chatwal

The hotel tycoon owns a 148-ft. super yacht “Falthom”, built in 2007 by Turkey’s Sea Dreams. The sleek yacht is customized by New York’s Design Engineer “Mark Zeff”, who also designed several of Vikram’s hotels.


Features: The luxury yacht features a main saloon finished in rich wood and a fully air-conditioned gym comprising of yoga mats, Spazioforma treadmill and professional cross-training machine. The main saloon also incorporates hand-knotted silk carpets and silk and leather seats. The sundeck features a bubbling 8-person hot tub while the upper deck salon features hand-stitched cowhide rugs, a collection of nautical antiques arranged in mahogany cabinets and a giant projection screen.


Accommodation:  The majestic yacht features 4 cabins offering luxury accommodations for 12 guests. The Master Cabin features a king-sized comfy bed, a spa-like exotic bathroom with marble walls, a retractable plasma-screen TV, white silk cocoon shades on the ceilings and floors and separate dressing areas. The guest rooms feature regionally inspired interior decors and marvelous en-suite baths. The official dining room includes a large marble-topped table and holds space for 10 guests.


Specs: Built by Turkey’s Sea Dreams, the luxury yacht is equipped with two 800MANhp engines and equal number of Kohler generators. The giant yacht features a length of 45 meters, beam of 8.4 meters and draft of 3 meters.


Charter: The luxury yacht is available for charter for about $150,000 per week, when the hotel mogul is not using it.

Luxurious accommodation

The majestic yacht features 4 cabins offering luxury accommodations for 12 guests

Master Cabin

The Master Cabin features a king-sized comfy bed, exotic bathroom and a retractable plasma-screen TV

Sitting room

The sitting room holds space for entertaining up to 10 guests

Exotic bathroom

The master cabin features spa-like exotic bathroom with marble walls

Fully air-conditioned gym

Main saloon features a fully air-conditioned gym comprising of yoga mats, Spazioforma treadmill and professional cross-training machine

The deck

The beautiful deck offers the perfect site for sunbath

Vikram Chatwal Autos and Cars ( 1 )


Aston Martin

owned by
Vikram Chatwal
Vikram Chatwal

Stated as the turban cowboy, hotelier Vikram Chatwal is also known for his playboy image of dating renowned fashion models along with tooling and racing around in New York in his uber-luxury sports car Aston Martin. The cars made by the British manufacturer Aston Marin, deliver phenomenal performance making it the first choice of the discerning sports-car enthusiasts.

Vikram Chatwal Holiday Destinations(Getaways) ( 2 )


Dream South Beach Miami

owned by
Vikram Chatwal
Vikram Chatwal

A peripatetic hotelier, Vikram Chatwal is a Sikh globe-trotter who spends at least half the year jetting from fashion weeks to hotel openings, from sandwiches stands to flea markets; yet all this doesn’t dampen his love for the road. He has been to all around the globe, starting from his childhood journey from Ethiopia to London, India, United States and much more. Owner of eight stylized properties, including the recently opened Dream Downtown in New York and other boutique hotels, Vikram’s favorite holiday destination is his own Dream Beach South hotel, an art deco-inspired paradise located in the heart of energetic and vibrant South Beach. Built with the combination of two iconic Art Deco South Beach Miami hotels, the Tudor Hotel and Palmar House, the Dream South Beach promises to be a hypnotic hideaway from the South Florida Sun.

Location: The hotel is located in the heart of South Beach, at 11th street and Collins Avenue, next door to the famed Versace mansion.

Accommodation: This intriguing hotel is built to provide whimsical and unexpected delights with its 70’s inspired accommodation comprising of 108 rooms and suites.

Other Attractions:  A restaurant from Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, lounges and rooftop pool to relax, guests will also have the privilege to explore the vibrant playgrounds surrounding this luxury hotel.

Surrounding the Dream South Beach hotel, other notable places includes hottest clubs, restaurants and fabulous Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue shopping. Speaking of the Vikram, he likes the Miami’s art scene, nightlife, live-music venues, and eating at David’s café, a Cuban joint down the street from his hotel ‘Dream’.



Suite of the Dream South Beach

70’s inspired accommodation comprises of 108 rooms and suites.

Interior of the hotel 'Dream'

The hotel is built to provide whimsical and unexpected delights.

Lobby of the 'Dream'

An art deco-inspired paradise.

Dining facility

Guests can enjoy the cuisine in a restaurant from Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

Rooftop pool

Guests can relax in the rooftop pool facility

Costa Careys, Mexico

owned by
Vikram Chatwal
Vikram Chatwal

Vikram Chatwal’s yacht, Fathom, is known to be a regular fixture in the waters off Antibes, but he also loves to explore his holiday destinations by car. Vikram likes to spend time with his friends at the Pacific Coast resort Costa Careys, Mexico, which got fuchsia as the unofficial color due to abundance of bougainvillea nearby. The exclusive cliffside villas that “look like Gaudí designed them” are the center of attraction for this hotelier. Vikram who loves to socialize, tends to revolve around house parties, outdoor film screenings, and occasionally dine out deep in the jungle at the Polo Club. Extrovert Vikram also loves to dance on the beach at Cocodrilo Azul, a restaurant located across the bay from a lagoon filled with crocodiles.

Vikram Chatwal Cause ( 1 )


Lakme fashion charity show

owned by
Vikram Chatwal
Vikram Chatwal

Vikram organized the “Lakme fashion charity show” in 2009, for providing support to the victims of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks (26/11). The grand charity show in Mumbai was attended by a number of top models and high profile celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Milind Soman, Rahul Bose and Mallika Arora Khan, to collect funds for the cause. The funds accumulated from the show were donated to the Mumbai based Non-governmental organization “Citizens for Justice and Peace” to serve the 26/11 victim families.

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