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Vin Diesel Net Worth

Dominican Republic
Net Worth $ 75 Million
Vin Diesel
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Born on: 18th Jul 67 Born in: Dominican Republic Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor, Hollywood
Vin Diesel net worth is estimated at $75 million. A Hollywood superstar, 48, Vin Diesel is well known as the dashing macho actor. Though Vin didn't get any acting background in childhood, he managed to make his unique place in Hollywood and establish the huge Vin Diesel net worth after working for 22 years. He has grown from working as bouncer in the American club ii his teenage days to one of the most talked about actor of present times. This hunk is famous for his well toned physique, deep voice with bald and rough look which are plus to Vin Diesel net worth. Vin tried himself for acting in his college days, but failed to make any impression in Hollywood. After years of struggle, he wrote and shot a short film named Multi-Facial (1995) at a cost of $3000 which became crucial to Vin Diesel net worth. It was the turning point of his career. Afterwards he earned $50,000 via telemarketing to fund the making of his first feature, Strays (1997). He grabbed every single opportunity to make his skill worth using and now he is at least 44 Million USD boy. This hunk became the money tycoon from the blockbusters ‘Fast and Furious Series’ and ‘ XXX’ , ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’, ‘A Man Apart’, ‘Hitman’ booming Vin Diesel net worth. He also appears in many television commercials. Vin possesses a giant mansion in Dominion Republic and often visit it on holidays with his family. The superstar has another mansion on wheels! He got two-story jaw-dropping $1.1million trailer with the enormous, 1100 square-foot space, thanks to Vin Diesel net worth. The trailer has cutting edge technological features, personal office, 3D screen, vital furniture. Whenever he is out of town for shooting, he prefers to spend his resting time in the trailer. Fast and furious superstar also possesses big collection of the cars. Vin freaks about sunglasses and has big collection of the Ray-ban sunglasses. The human touch on Vin Diesel net worth includes plenty of charity work, in fact he has donated over $2,000,000 to charities. Diesel’s voice broke at age of 15 which gave him a deep trademarked voice. On the set Fast and the Furious, Vin diesel came in touch with his co-star, Michelle Rodriguez and dated her. The friendly relation between Vin diesel and Dominican republic president Leonel Fernandez was noticed all over the world. Mr. Diesel is also attached with Dominican Republic. So for both reasons he has done campaign ads for Dominican Republic too. Diesel wrote for the commemorative book 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons. Though Vin prefers privacy about his personal life, it is known that he has a soft side too as father of daughter, Hania Riley, born April 2, 2008, with his girlfriend, model Paloma Jimenez.
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Vin Diesel Estates and Homes (1)

Trailer Home

This jaw-dropping $ 1.1 million trailer home in a 1100 square-foot vehicle is Vin's home away from home. This luxurious trailer home features an enormous living area where he can relax in between filming scenes for his movies. The fact is that he had this shipped to Puerto Rico where he filmed the latest Fast and the Furious blockbuster movie. Besides it has a High-tech surveillance cameras guard overt this pricey trailer.

Vin Diesel Autos and Cars (2)

Two Story Mobile Home

Vin Diesel's double story mobile mansion

Vin Diesel prefers to stay in luxury. This is amply displayed in his choice of mobile home. The $1.1 million trailer is home to the American celebrity, whenever he is on the move. Adequate attention has been paid to details and the two story mobile home is equipped with 3D flat screen televisions and Blu-ray to enable Vin Diesel to relax in comfort after a hard day at shooting.

Private office space is also in the offering to enable the star catch up with his professional commitments, even when on the move. The kitchen upstairs has been equipped with granite counter tops, in case Vin Diesel prefers to try his hand at cooking.

The top floor of the two story mobile home has been designed as a playing area for his children. In his free time, the actor prefers to relax in there.

Ron Anderson, was commissioned to design this two story mobile home. The owner of Anderson mobile estate owners, Ron Anderson is credited for designing mobile home for many Hollywood personalities including Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, and Sharon Stone besides others.

GMC Yukon

Vin was spotted driving his GMC Yukon, a low-powered 352-bhp 6.0-L V8 car.

Vin Diesel Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

Brazil Vacation

Vin Diesel in Brazil

Vin Diesel enjoyed a good vacation in Brazil during the shooting of the fifth sequel to the 'Fast and the Furious' in November, 2010. The film's shooting got delayed and Vin Diesel spent time relaxing on the Ipanema Beach. He was seen hanging out with Ludacris, his co-actor in the film. Both the actors spent time sitting and chatting in the sun, talking to the fans, posing for photographs with their fans, and riding bikes. Vin Diesel was seen wearing white sneakers, a tight white vest, and long check shorts which are fit for a Brazilian sunshine. He was greeted by a large number of his fans and he even spared some time to give training to a local fan who was seen working out on the beach.


Ipanema is located to the south of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between Leblon and Arpoador. Ipanema in the local Tupi language means 'stinky lake'. Ipanema is popularly known as the sexiest beach in the world.


There are lots of hotels and luxury beach resorts available for visitors of all budgets in Rio De Janeiro. The rates of hotels in Rio De Janeiro range from US$ 100 for a budget hotel to nearly US$ 400 for the JW Marriott Hotel.

Main Attractions

The beach at Ipanema became famous by the song 'The Girl from Ipanema'. Two mountains called Dois Irmãos(Two Brothers) which are located on the western end of the beach are on the main attractions of the beach. Tourists enjoy playing small tournaments of a local sport called footvolley (a combination of football and volleyball). To the west of the Ipanema beach there is a stretch of sand called Posto 10 where women hipsters and handsome caricoa men assemble for partying.

Vin Diesel Brands (2)

Casio G-shock

Vin Diesel has been spotted wearing Casio G-shock on numerous occasions.

Watches are men’ s favorite and the same is true with Vin Diesel. He has been spotted wearing his Casio G-shock on numerous occasions. As the name indicates, the watch is resistant to shocks and goes well with the rustic look that Vin Diesel personifies in his movies.

Preliminary designed for sports lovers, the Casio G- shock comes equipped with stopwatch features and countdown timers. No doubts, the sports watch is a personal choice of the American superstar. 

Ray-Ban 3211 Sunglasses

Vin Diesel has been spotted wearing the Ray-Ban 3211 sunglasses on numerous occasions including shooting schedules, private parties and press conferences.

Ray Ban has been a favorite with men and Vin Diesel is no exception to this. He has been spotted wearing the Ray-Ban 3211 sunglasses on numerous occasions including shooting schedules, private parties and press conferences.

The purple gradient lens wrap gives the Ray-Ban 3211 a distinct look and suites the stylish American actor. The brand was launched in 1937 by Bausch and Lomb and has been a rage since its inception. No doubt, the American actor adores wearing his Ray-Ban 3211.


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