Vincent Perriard HYT H1 watch uses advanced hydraulics to display time

Andrea Divirgilio / January 16, 2012

When we first saw the video clip of the HYT H1 timepiece, we assume rather blatantly that it must be some kind of mechanical engine for vehicles. But towards the end of it, it turned out to be a rather complicated working mechanism of a high-end timepiece, something which might even please the discerning horological geek. Stated to be unveiled at the Basel World 2012 show, the timepiece is known to use advanced fluid mechanic sciences to display time, and carry on with its daily functions with near perfect balancing.

HYT H1 hydraulics watch

After the Quatrro Vavole collection for Basel World 2011, this is the only other instance where we have come across something that uses as abstract mechanisms as these. From the chunky carved precious metallic casing (gold varieties and platinum/titanium presumably) with the partially exposed tourbillon skeleton, one sees a series of micro-pistons which is connected to the outer ring of a fluorescent fluid which flows from one end to the other, generating the vital energy needed to run the mechanical parts inside. As a matter of fact, this liquid (fluorscein) is also known to be useful in forensics for detecting blood stains! We just blinked our eye lids to think how useful it could be for watch making.

HYT H1 hydraulics watch

The inner workings as might have noticed use the support of the pistons and gears, just like the well oiled mechanical engines we had known. Balanced to be perfectly inter-linked with each other, it is nothing short of a mechanical masterpiece to say the least. No wonder the proposed $45,000 price tag of the watch now seems a lot more justified. However, like most watch lovers, one has to wait till the coveted event to be held later this year, to discover what this new horological wonder has on offer for its owners.

Via: Gizmodo/ HYT

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