Vintage Hermes bags to go up for sale at Bonham’s
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Vintage Hermes bags to go up for sale at Bonham’s

Vintage Hermes bags to go up for sale at Bonham’s

Hermes collection

Birkin indeed is timeless! We had earlier told you about the Hermes diamond birkin bag which actually set the record for the

Kelly bags apart, the Hermes sale will also include choicest picks from the company’s Birkin collection. Named after Jane Birkin the famous British actress, Birkin bags have been around for quiet some time now. Birkin, the story goes, had met Jean-Louis Dumas, Hermes chairman, to explain to him how difficult exactly it has been for her to find a proper leather bag for the weekends.

Hermes Birkin bag

In 1984, Dumas created a super cool black leather bag exclusively for Birkin, thus giving birth to the legendary lineup. While the bags can now be made to order, the designs still remain one of the most recognized in industry. The most stylish Birkin bags in the sale include red togo leather Birkin bags, pale blue togo leather Birkin bags and black togo leather Birkin bags. Other noteworthy Birkin bags slated to go up in sale at Bonham’s are Hermès dark brown matt crocodile Birkin bags, black patent crocodile Birkin bags and dark brown matt crocodile Birkin bags. They are all estimated to fetch a whopping figure somewhere between £8,000 and £12,000.

Hermes Constance bags

The sale will also include an army of stylish “Constance bags”. The list includes a pair of Hermes crocodile Constance bags, some Hermès togo leather, and deep cherry red leather Constance bags.

Besides these vintage Hermes bags, the French fashion house will be auctioning four limited edition Hermes handbags in a Christie's online auction in London on 8th May, 2012.

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