Virgin Atlantic To Offer Hi-Tech Goodies To Luxury Travelers

Andrea Divirgilio / January 19, 2007

virgin atlantic 12
Does the name of Sir Richard Branson tickles a bell with you! Remember, we earlier told you about his luxurious Virgin Galactic Spaceship that will carry a celebrity crew to space in his spaceflight that will begin in 2009. Now, what if you can’t make it to his spaceflight crew, you can enjoy flying in his aircraft, Virgin Atlantic, that’s no less luxurious then his spacecraft, (that is, if you don’t mind the destination factor).

The luxury airbus provides its travelers a unique flying experience with the slew of hi-tech features including a Linux-based PC at every seat with a 9-inch monitor, a 110 volt jack to charge your electronics, USB port, Ethernet jack, an OMG-worthy entertainment system called ‘RED’ which stores about 3000 MP3 tracks, live TV via Dish Network, on-board email / IM / chat, a facility to play multi-player games with other passengers, a QWERTY keyboard to play games like DOOM. The first class passengers even get a RJ-45 jack to plug-in their laptop and get connected. Now, if you have made up your mind to get your seat booked in this plush aircraft, the only hitch is US DOTs decision to disallow Virgin Atlantic from taking flight on American soil. Though, the airline is trying its best to get this decision reversed, it is asking for the public support to help them in this luxury cause, so, go and register your protest too!

via Engadget

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