Virgin Atlantic upgraded upper class meal service for the business traveler

Andrea Divirgilio / February 9, 2012

Our previous insights into Virgin Atlantic special offerings include the hi-tech service for luxury travelers aboard their flights, and also the venture of the Heathrow Airport Spa, which had all amenities present at the venue itself. Their latest innovation is now targeted towards the first class travelers, who will now be subjected to a gourmet meal offering, which is by far the most upgraded meal service the company has on offer. From the minute details like designer cutlery and crockery, to the sophisticated décor and a whole gamut of gourmet food and beverage, the meal service truly sees a whole new facelift, for those traveling first class.

Virgin Atlantic First Class Meal service

After the passenger board their flight, each member of the staff come to them in turns and introduce themselves individually. They ensure that one is completely at ease within the designated seats. The menu within reach detail out the completely refurbished gourmet delicacies on board from which one select with their choice of champagne, including the option of savoring the Lanson pre-flight champagne. In case cocktails are your calling, then there are numerous options onboard, including the daily changing option for the signature of the day.

Virgin Atlantic First Class Meal service

In terms of food, there is also a new snacks menu which is meant for those who might be in for a full meal at the particular time of the day. However, the gourmet multi-course dinner is always there to order for and indulge in. During this course, one would see a facelift of the cutlery and crockery as well. Refreshing modern designs replace the older set, from details like the cocktail shaker, and also the salt & pepper shaker. Once the heavy meal is over, there are various options at hand for the after meal services. If traveling on the route from London, UK to West Coast, USA, there would be a special cheese trolley, which will offer a variety of cheese, biscuits, fruit and chutneys, to be served with some delicate port wine. One can even opt for a customized set if needed be. Another innovation, with a very British touch to it all, is the afternoon tea, which is served after the lunch meal. English teas along with special pastries are served to down the heavy meal before that. There are numerous selections such as finger sandwiches, scones with jam or clotted cream. In case you are on a morning flight, the traditional multi-course English breakfast could be enjoyed as well.

However, all of this came at a price for Virgin Atlantic. News has it that the company invested £100 million ($159 million) to refurbish services. Within the next 3 years or so, there should be more such pleasant changes to be seen.

Via: VirginAtlantic

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