Virgin Galactic space tourists to wear James Bond-style Flight Suits

Andrea Divirgilio / November 6, 2011

James Bond Space suits for Virgin Galactic passengers

Richard Branson created space tourism venture, Virgin Galactic, which earlier revealed its galactic spaceship and first commercial pilot, David MacKay, has now revealed that the kinds of clothing that these elite group of tourists will be wearing. It has now been revealed that the costumes will be a look alike version from the 1979 James Bond movie, ‘Moonraker’, which saw James Bond and his CIA assistant, Holly Goodhead wear the original costumes.

We had previously mentioned that the Virgin Galactic will take its first flight in 2013, and the tourists on this flight will be given special treatments likewise. The total costume shall comprise of a high definition helmet which has a built-in microphone and headphone, softer fabric interior lining, along with connection for an oxygen tank. Other additions would include a soft sole pair of shoes, and personalized suits which will be made in accordance to the norms set for the flight. We are expecting these suits to have personalization like the name being engraved on them, but let’s keep our fingers crossed till then. For a real trip outside the earth’s atmosphere, it will only be apt if the memorabilia is indeed something out of the ordinary.

For those who are fans of the fictional franchise, please do go over our coverage of the James Bond Island sale, which was the property of Ian Fleming, the creator of the character.

James Bond Space suits for Virgin Galactic passengers

Via: Space/ America Speak

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