Viteo Outdoors Inverted Step-On Shower

Andrea Divirgilio / November 20, 2006

inverted shower 12
Does it always have to be this way round, with showers…I mean…does the shower always had to be in the upward-position! Well, not actually, with this unique Viteo Outdoor Shower from the designer, Danny Venlet. The round-plate like shower sits on the ground and sprays a water jet about 4 meters high in the air, as you step-on to it. This step-on showering mechanism is ideal for your garden, patio or around the pool. The water-supply to this inverted shower results from the standard hosepipe with a Gardena connection. And, if you are wondering, what’s this with the bunny-thing, then let me tell you, they want you to feel like a bunny with this step-on shower! Got it…neither do I!!

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