Vladimir Potanin | $ 14.2 Billion
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Vladimir Potanin Net Worth

Net Worth $ 14.2 Billion
Vladimir Potanin
Vladimir Potanin
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Born on: 3rd Jan 61 Born in: Russia Marital status: Married Occupation: Russin Oligarch
Born Vladimir Olegovich Potanin has an estimated net worth of $14.2 billion as per Forbes list in August 2014.  Potanin, an oligarch  is a Russian billionaire entrepreneur. He has earned his net worth through the  private association Interros which he created in 1991. His also owns 30% and controls Russian Nickel giant Norilsk Nickel through his Interros company. Mikhail's best friend and long time business partner, Potanin is also a billionaire and both started their journey of wealth together in 1993. They parted their 14 year old partnership in 2007 when they split their share, but by that time both were among the world's richest individuals. They are still friends and Mikhail has fond memories of their partnership.
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Vladimir Potanin Yachts (1)


Anastasia Yacht

Roman Olgarich owns an 75-meter yacht which also happens to be one of the most expensive chartered yachts named Anastasia. 

Described to be a perfect choice for the discerning individuals with an active and social lifestyle, Vladimir Potanin owns this enormous and ultimate water sports yacht capable of long distance cruising is arguably the most highly specified yacht on the world market.

Described to be the embodiment of the luxury living at sea, Anastasia was built in year 2008 by Oceanco, one of the world’s finest yacht builders based in Netherland. Boasting a modern, contemporary look which features elegant form and dynamic styling, the design of 75-meter Anastasia totally discards the superyacht rule book of convention. Anastasia boasts a total of seven decks, which are disguised in a huge sweeping curved superstructure that actually rises from the wood effect transom through to the reverse sheerline bow.

In all, this yacht is a perfect choice for anyone with an active and social lifestyle, as it boasts so much space for so many ideas. Half of the lower deck is dedicated to the storage of sports equipment, while the hullside doors fold down to assist with launching but also provide balconies over the sea and one of her biggest attraction is her main saloon, which is a multi-purpose party and living area. The duplex master suite is on the upper deck together with a special VIP double cabin. Four double suites are forward on the main deck.

Additionally, her huge range of toys and diving gear makes Anastasia the ultimate water sports yacht. There are a total of four tender including limousine and jetski transporters, which are all equipped with navigation and communications links, making Anastasia global expedition yacht.

Further, nitrox scuba system with underwater communications, a plush cinema, and medical facilities are some of the other amenities offered.

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