Volkswagen Beetle Fender Special Edition car to go in production
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Volkswagen Beetle Fender Special Edition car to go in production

Volkswagen Beetle Fender Special Edition car to go in production

German automaker, Volkswagen, has enthralled us with its line-up of cars over the years. From the Volkswagen Swarovski Beetle to the all-pink Volkswagen Beetle Barbie, we have seen some of the finest special edition Beetle cars. A year ago, VW unveiled a concept car titled Beetle Fender Edition as a tribute to Fender, the iconic company that’s been producing world class guitars and amplifiers used by legends like Brad Paisley and Jimi Hendrix. Fender recently decided to enter the car audio business along with Panasonic to develop audio systems for VW. Now, the Fender Edition concept is ready to hit the streets with Volkswagen announcing that it will offer the package to those who are interested. Interestingly, we have earlier seen the German auto maker's musical inclination in the past, when Volkswagen has come out with an alluring scheme that says, 'Buy a Volkswagen get a guitar for Free.' From the 2006 Jetta, Jetta GLI, GTI, Rabbit, New Beetle and New Beetle Convertible, all cars were offerred with a custom-made First Act GarageMaster guitar.

volkswagen beetle fender

Though the beautifully designed Fender Edition will be made available for sale, certain key features that got a lot of folks interested in the concept will be missing. For instance, the truck-mounted subwoofer with integrated guitar jack has been dropped along with the dash top tube amp and the vintage amp-style head unit. Musicians can still hook up their instruments, however, with the help of a different subwoofer through Order Disulfiram an auxiliary port or through a smartphone’s Bluetooth.

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volkswagen beetle fender edition

The decision to drop the features could be a downer for some but looks-wise, the Fender Edition is close to the concept. Buyers will get a luxurious leather-coated roof, high gloss black paint and 19-inch wheels. Chrome has also been incorporated buy Dapoxetine on line in the door mirror covers, VW badge, side sill, handles and the trim strip below the windows. The production version will also feature a guitar pick decal on the hood along with the original Fender signature under the VW badge attached to the trunk.

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