Volkswagen Golf R32

$ 40 Thousand
Top Speed
157 (mph)

Since 1974, Volkswagen has manufactured the Volkswagen as a small family car. The Golf R32 has been released because of the great success of the Golf cars. They have been rated as the third-best selling model in the world with more than 25 million being sold. The 3-door hatchback vehicle is a developed variant of the Golf GTI with better speeds, faster pick-up, more comfort and a sense of exclusivity. The car has been built with a four-motion, 4-wheel drive which makes it an excellent candidate as a cross-country cruiser. It was first introduced in August 1998. With all emphasis being laid on safety and interior comforts the car is a good buy at its current price of $40,000.


The 3189cc engine which sits in the Golf R32 is of the V6 type featuring aluminium cylinder heads and alloy block. The dual overhead camshafts which are chain-driven actuate the 24 valves associated with the 6 cylinders. The direct petrol injection happens in a 10.8:1 ratio. All this results in maximum power of 184 kW at 6300 rpm. The maximum torque at 2500 rpm reads at 320 Nm. Practically, this means that the car is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds. A top speed of nearly 250 km/h has been recorded in the R32. However, note that the car only accepts 98 RON unleaded petrol into its 60-liter tank. The mileage is about 10 km in a liter of petrol.


The prestige ambiance of the Golf32 is able to comfortably seat 4 adults with ample headroom, legroom and elbow space. Luxurious leather covers the comfortable, bucket seats. The list of standard features is long including - cruise control, climate-controlled air-conditioning, electric mirrors and windows, eight safety-airbags, rain-sensing wipers on the windscreen, a bottle opener and a CD stereo with 10 speakers which can stack 10 CDs. The sports steering is flat-bottomed, the pedals are large,shiny and made of alloy while the instrument panel is completely chrome-rimmed. The soft and rubbery plastics give the dashboard a modern and aesthetic appearance. LED lights which fill the dials at night lend a kind of surreal appearance in the dark. The other safety features of ABS and EPS also come along. The interiors make up for the slightly less-impressive engine performance.


The German styling that has gone into to the Golf R32 gives subtle hints of its performance capabilities. Though not unconventional, the car has enough in its body-shape and design to win admiring looks. The car sits on large wheels and seems to assume an audacious stance. Classless lines run along the entire body of this elegant car which has a silver grille and large grille surrounds. The large headlamp arrives in sets of two at the end of a moderately-sloping hood. The back has a deep bumper with two exhausts which are centrally located. The overall styling is that of a well-built and stocky car.