Voltaic Messenger Solar-Powered Laptop Bag

Andrea Divirgilio / January 3, 2006

voltaic messengesolapowered laptop bagSolar bags are becoming every gadget-lover’s favorite! And if you are one then you won’t doubt its utility for those days when you forget to charge your gizmos whether its iPod or your cell-phone. The Voltaic Messenger is a laptop bag that utilizes solar energy to let you charge your electronic devices. The travel bag is meant for carrying laptop and it features adjustable padded laptop sleeve, for laptops with up to a 15″ screen, MP3 pouch and waterproof solar panels. Though it have been nicer if the laptop bag enables charging even the laptop, but, I guess that would be too much to ask for! The Voltaic messenger solar-powered bag is available for a price of $229. And, guys, if the Solarjo Power Purse feminine looks disappointed you then you have got your share with this Voltaic messenger solar-powered bag!!!

via Engadget

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