Walk-in for a cuppa coffee from Javabot

Andrea Divirgilio / April 16, 2008

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No doubt about the fact that coffee is every blogger’s poison. And blogging about every distinctive coffee machine is your delight. So guys as you sip on to our cuppa poison, enlighten yourself about this coffee machine – Javabot. Roasting Plant’s automated coffee system is called the Javabot. Touted as the coffee machine of the 21st century, its storage section consists of clear tube-like bins; six hold the green coffee beans prior to roasting and seven hold the roasted beans. Each bin features a modular design and its own metering system, allowing easy scale up later on. Pneumatic tubes connect these storage bins to each other as well as to the micro-roaster and automated grinding-brewing machines. Roasting its beans in an off-the-shelf micro-roaster, it occupies an entire store front. Although all this sounds a bit complicated then the usual in-office coffee vending machine, Javabot too works professionally on demand. When a customer orders the coffee, the beans shoot from the storage bins over to the grinding unit and drop down into the brewing machine. It takes only about 30 sec to convey, grind and brew the coffee beans. Mmmm, I can already sense the flavor of this coffee.
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It’s the first walk-in coffee machine in effect, and coffee-drinkers can sit there and watch the whole process keenly.
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Via Gizmag

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