Walker Audio’s $105,000 Proscenium Black Diamond V is the most realistic-sounding turntable
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Walker Audio’s $105,000 Proscenium Black Diamond V is the most realistic-sounding turntable

Walker Audio’s $105,000 Proscenium Black Diamond V is the most realistic-sounding turntable

Specialists in the creation of high-end audio components and audio and video accessories, the buy Dapoxetine online Walker Audio which has earlier captured the interest of the classic audiophiles with the world’s most expensive turntable named the Proscenium Black Diamond III turntable, has now introduced the Proscenium Black Diamond V turntable. This new PBD V turntable impressively features improvements in the motor base assembly, air supply and record clamp, along with Walker Audio’s newly-developed fine-grained crystalline material employed at strategic locations in the turntable’s operation that impressively cancels the effect of virtually all EMI, RFI and microwaves and reduces static build up. Priced at $105,000, this turntable that has been crafted to be friction-free, resonance-free, and electrical-noise-free, is certainly an uncompromised work of audio art that has to be experienced to be believed. Also all of the previously-purchased Walker Proscenium turntables can be upgraded to the Black Diamond V specs.

Walker Audio's $105,000 Proscenium Black Diamond V Turntable is the most realistic-sounding turntable

Designed and Order Retin-A developed to be the most accurate, realistic-sounding turntable ever made, the PBD V offers amazing sound with the blackest of black backgrounds, crystal-clear transparency, explosive dynamics, expansive soundstaging and profound bass.

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Besides, we have also recently seen some of the other finest turntables including the Clearaudio's high-end Ovation turntable with chassis made of bulletproof-wood, the Kronos world’s firstcounter-rotating dual platter suspended turntable, the AMG V12 turntable which is a new chapter in the world of vinyl playback, and the Hartvig TT Signature turntable which represents pure Danish hand-craftsmanship, to name a few.

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