Walkstation : WorkSpace Treadmill for Computer Geeks

Andrea Divirgilio / October 20, 2007

We have recently witnessed some radical treadmill machines including the iPod treadmill from LifeFitness and Technogym. But, if you are just not able to take out an hour or so out of your hectic schedule to maintain your fitness routine then this revolutionary treadmill aptly called Walkstation from Steelcase is exactly what you need without disturbing your work schedule! The Walkstation is designed to encourage more movement by walking slowly at work. Apparently, the walkstation have the potential to increase energy expenditure and burn calories even when walking at a 1 mph rate. This treadmill desk allows you to game, or just be connected to the internet and do your work while you are sweating it out. Now, this is just the perfect treadmill for all those people sitting inside their luxury cabins hooked to the computer all day long and don’t forget to count us, the bloggers..right!!

via Gizmodo / Time

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