‘Wall of Sound’ is the world’s biggest iPod speaker

Andrea Divirgilio / November 5, 2009

wall of sound
Apple’s iPod has revolutionized the world of music since its launch in 2001, and it is still the prized gadget of millions around the world. The latest on the list of iPod gadgetry is the world’s biggest iPod speaker called “Wall of Sound,” that weighs 102 kilos (225 pounds), stands almost a meter tall and 1.25 meters wide, and can pump up to 125 watts. Completely handmade, the wall is made up of 28 individual speakers, each housed in their own chamber, and it boasts its own tube amplifier hidden away inside. The monstrous wall speaker belittles the iPod dock on the side. This hand-built artistic speaker comes for a matching price tag of $4,500 and reportedly, the first batch is already sold.


Via: Switched On Set/Wired/Cult of Mac

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