Wally One’s powerboat is the best sea cruiser for your daytime trips in the sea
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Wally One’s powerboat is the best sea cruiser for your daytime trips in the sea

Wally One’s powerboat is the best sea cruiser for your daytime trips in the sea

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Wally Yacht has shown some really fine examples of boat making, as we see in our coverage of Wally Island Luxury Yacht that carried a faux island on its deck, and also the 100 footer Wallycento Yacht that could be the perfect for those who love long buy generic Valtrex spacious cruising. Stepping into a slightly different category is the Wally One powerboat that features more gadgetry, superior performance and higher comfort will give you a sense of liberty and thrill while travelling at sea during the day time.

Since this model has been pitched as an entry into the powerboat segment, the body has been given a special slim design with generous use of carbon fiber which means that the boat is lightweight, durable and cut through rough water at high speeds without compromising on comfort. Its engine is divided into 2 Yanmar Engines which give a combined capacity of around 630 hp, with a top speed of 50 knots and a perfect cruise speed of 40 knots. The total length of the boat is 42 feet from tip to the rear end, and is a maximum of 11.5 feet wide at its center. Such configurations give it the ability to be a perfect cruiser at sea for a total of 2 guests. Whether its water sports, diving expeditions or simple relaxation, this powerboat is capable of ensuring complete satisfaction of your aquatic cruise. President of Wally, Luca Bassani Antivari says it to Buy Viagra Professional be the best;

"Wally//One is an exercise in giving our customers more for less – more performance, technology and comfort with less overall length, consumption and cost. Like everything that we do at Wally, this is about order Prozac smart evolution. Wally//One has a greater emphasis on fun. It has been designed as more of a day boat than its predecessor with flexible seating, increased sunbed space and a host of modern conveniences.”

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The only shortcoming in this multi-faceted sea cruiser is the orientation of the model as day time vessel which could limit your enjoyment if you take it out during the night. Never the less, it’s still worth giving a try to the $834,000 powerboat for the supreme travel for you and your exclusive companion at sea. Reportedly, the asking price for this luxury water toy is going to be approx. $820,564 (€580,000).

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Via: Diseno Art/ Wally One

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