Wally’s revolutionary Island Yacht shrinks its size

Andrea Divirgilio / May 29, 2010

why 37x24

As the recession blues hinted of getting over at the starting of this year, we saw the wealthy taking to the spending spree and the optimistic signs for bigger boats suddenly changed to super-duper boats, but the Monaco-based yacht maker, Wally has decided to reduce the size of its revolutionary WHY yacht. By reducing the WHY 58×38 into WHY 37×24, Wally probably intends to add the same exclusivity and luxury to boost its marketing and sales efforts. Featuring an adaptation of a Ramform hull, photovoltaic panels, plus solar thermic panels, the WHY 37×24 will accommodate 10 guests and 15 crew members. Keeping her three decks intact, the new Why features a pool, with thermo-regulated water, better-insulated bulkheads and windows, low-energy-consuming air-conditioning system along with diesel-electric propulsion. With its cruising speed anticipated at 10 knots and top speed of 11½ knots, it should keep the sailors content.

wally why 37x24

Via: Mega Yacht News

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