Wasauna’s See-through Whirlpool Glass bathtub

Andrea Divirgilio / November 6, 2007

wasauna glass bathtub

Whoa! It looks so classy. The Whirlpool Glass bathtub from the house of Wasauna looks to be the perfect thing to go with most of the modern bathroom designs. Like the sexy Hoesch Water Lounge, the Glass Bath enjoys a sexy make with both sides transparent. Touting sixteen jets and seating capacity for two persons, it offers a distinctive experience, from a meditative, restorative soak to the stimulating rush of waterfalls and whitewater. The tub is made of high quality Pilkington glass and stainless steel. The package comes complete with the chrome faucet and classic standalone shower apparatus. This luxurious bathroom fixture carries a levelheaded price tag of US $3199.

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