WASHUP – Killing two birds at one go!

Andrea Divirgilio / March 17, 2008

washup 1

Ever wondered how many liters of water go down the drain every time you use your washing machine? A sheer waste of precious resource, isn’t it? Here’s a conceptual design that offers a solution to this never ending problem. Washup is a conceptual design by Sevin Coskun integrating washing machine with toilette-flush. The machine is fixed above the toilet and is designed in such a way that loading of clothes is done with ease without having to bend or crouch. A special interface including three semi-sphere control units and two flushing buttons is designed for a practical usage of the product. The drained water from washing machine is reused to flush the toilet thereby saving water. The green concept sure looks interesting and could be a hit among eco-lovers when it is out in the market. Now, this is what I call ‘Killing two birds at one go.’

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