Wealthy Chinese pay $126,000 to shoot rhinoceros

Andrea Divirgilio / March 20, 2012

In what comes a shocker to wildlife enthusiast and animal lovers in recent times, Africa has emerged a new zone for pleasure hunting for the wealthy elite from China. Several rich folks from the Asian country have spent as much as $126,000 each time, to hunt endangered species like the African rhinos, so that they can be taken back home as trophy collections from the hunting trips. Countries such as Tunisia, South Africa, and Kenya, which are known to have some of the rarest varieties of wildlife are now emerging as playgrounds for rich Chinese poachers, and their favorite habits, and zones for more such activity seem to emerge, like Canada for that matter.

Hunters shooting rhinos

What is now a mushrooming industry, or more a thriving one for the rich Chinese vacationers, travel agencies and tour operators offer special packages to these hunting travelers, who have traditionally hunted wild boars and pheasants in their country. These hunters, ideally with large amounts of disposable cash, look towards expanding their range of exploits, by targeting what is called the ‘big-five’ animals; rhinoceros, giraffe, leopard, Cape buffalo, and a lion. The expenditure of course, differs from animal to animal such as the rhino which costs $126,000 each, a giraffe $3,000, and leopard $48,000. In the case of a lion, a female would cost $15,000 where as a male would cost around $50,000 each, after which taxidermy costs are additional. After all, when the catch has been so large and significant, why not put it up at home for all to admire? With this thought, and an aim to gain economic benefits alongside, countries in Africa more specifically, are allowing free ground to these vocational poachers, whose habits seem to be on the rise.

Typically men in the 40s and 50s, who are rich, like riding big SUV’s, and love the wildlife hunting are known to be the most consumers. But all of this is a knock out for those, who either believe in preserving wildlife and animals, or have spent most of their careers doing so, or even the rich and famous like Steve Jobs and Mukesh Ambani, who have given their wealth towards this cause.

Via: Ibtimes/ China Times

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