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Weird Elvis Presley memorabilia – A pair of Elvis Presley’s underpants for sale

Andrea Divirgilio / August 27, 2012

It’s only the cult-status of the world’s iconic celebrities that makes the auction of their weird memorabilia a celebrated affair among the fans and collectors alike, who loves to splurge a fortune to get their hands on it. And, the King of ‘Rock and Roll’ Elvis Aron Presley is one such star whose magnum opus status and craze is growing even after 35 years of his death, and his memorabilia whatever it may be manages to fetch huge amounts at auction blocks. Over the times, we have seen a lot of Elvis Presley’s memorabilia sale including the Presley’s 24-carat gold piano, Mercedes-Benz 600, one-of-a-kind 18k gold ring, gold Cadillac convertible, besides the weird keepsakes like Presley’s crypt, the lock of his hairs which is one of the most bizarre celebrity collectible till date, to name a few. Now after the recent Heritage Auctions dedicated memorabilia sale marking Elvis Presley’s 35th anniversary, the King’s pair of underpants, his personal bible, along with 100 lots of rare memorabilia, are expected to fetch handsome amounts at auction in Stockport, in the north of England, on September 8.

Weird Elvis Presley memorabilia - A pair of Elvis Presley's underpants for sale

Unwashed and still soiled with stains, a pair of Elvis Presley’s underpants which he wore beneath his famous white jumpsuits during a performance back in year 1977, are expected to fetch a price more than $15,816. The light blue briefs will be up for grabs at an auction of Elvis Presley pop memorabilia in Stockport, Greater Manchester, in the coming month. Interestingly, the pop-icon didn’t want any line visible while he was on stage and this pair of underwear was actually obtained from the estate of Vernon Presley, the star’s grandfather.

Bible owned by the ‘King’ himself

Also, a bible owned by the ‘King’ himself, complete with hand-written notes, is also expected to fetch a price of $31,600 at the auction. The book was actually given to the singer by his Uncle Vester and Aunt Clettes for his first Christmas at his Graceland home back in year 1957.

UPDATE: Elvis Presley’s bible fetched over double its estimated price at $94,600. The book has been bought by an American man based in Britain. The 1,600 page book was given to the singer by his Uncle and Aunt for his first Christmas at his Graceland home in 1957. The holy book also contains annotations by Presley.

The used underpants worn underneath his famous white jumpsuit, during a 1977 concert, went unsold, though it did received a final bid of 5000 pounds, but didn’t meet the $11,000 minimum bid.

Via: BBC

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