Where The Richest People in The World Like to Travel
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Where The Richest People in The World Like to Travel

Where The Richest People in The World Like to Travel

Where the richest people in the world like to travel

Celebrity-spotters eager to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous on their next trip abroad, can be a bit disappointed since, most of these celebrities are usually very secretive and are not too keen to get spotted. Therefore, while some holiday locations never change, new exclusive destinations are always under-the-loop and keep getting explored. Even if you are not too bothered about top-notch celebrities, it never spoils your merry-mood to know where the affluent and well-known are heading to spend their break time, since exclusivity and luxury are the trademarks of any grand celebrity getaway. Here is a list of some of the most sought after travel destinations from the most visited to the most recent ones around the world.

Côte d’Azur, France

With places like Canner, Nice, Monte-Carlo and Saint-Tropez to visit, travelers are spoilt for choice with the awe-inspiring list of opulence that these places offer. Such is the splendor of the destinations in question here; they have inspired geniuses like Picasso and Renoir, to bring the best within themselves and enthused a litany of names from theater and films, literary greats and artists, statesmen, socialites and aristocrats who have visited these places from time immemorial. Things to do here include hiring a yacht, lounging on an exclusive beach, punch the blackjack counter, and feast and shop in flamboyance almost everywhere along the coast. The power to enjoy this way of life is why we envy the privileged class…

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is the euphemism for hard-core clubbing; it’s the islet that gave the world the culture of hosting delirious parties called rave, and its renowned mega-clubs and bars (including Café Del Mar, Space, and Pascha) that attract a global variety of hedonist. The time from June to September, is the perfect time to make merry for the youthful, sun-seeking, party-hardy crowd that flocks here for the ultimate party atmosphere. From famous Hollywood celebrities to hi-flying, top-class footballers and the fashion-elite, you can expect to find all of them here. In spite of its enormous reputation for all night-partying, there is some breath-taking scenery to be viewed and empty beaches to enjoy, ideal for the post-partying rest or twilight drinks.

Goldeneye Resort, Jamaica

Spy novel enthusiasts willing to write one of their own, can head strait to Goldeneye beach resort in Jamaica for motivation. This is where renowned author Ian Fleming wrote his bestselling James Bond novels in the early part of 20th century. What was previously Fleming’s famous holiday manor, exquisitely located in the sparkling clear Caribbean, has been acquired and lengthened by celebrity records founder Chris Blackwell, and there are now only a few smaller holiday homes to rent next to Fleming’s actual 3-living room pad. Visitors can expect to share their martinis served at the resort inn with an enviable guest list of showbiz celebrities like Johnny Depp, celebrated British musician Sting, Actresses Scarlett Johansson, Bono and model Kate Moss.

Wakaya, Fiji

Every aspiring celebrity has a dream of owning an island of their own. But a bigger question that perplexes such buyers is what to do with the island once it is bought. An obvious answer would be to imitate Canadian entrepreneur David Gilmour, who turned the island that he bought into one of the most luxurious and exclusive beach resorts, the world has ever sen. Back in 1973, Gilmour bought purchased the 8-sq-km Fijian island of Wakaya and turned it into a spectacle of opulence. With traditional houses called bure that cost $2000 per night and the $7600-a -night, 1100-square-meter Vale O Villa, this is one pleasure retreat that is reserved exclusively for the wealthiest. Visitors may come across such distinguished guests as Keith Richards, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe or Bill Gates.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

The recently independent nation of Montenegro with its glistening coastline is the latest revelation in the list of exotic locations for an exclusive getaway. For centuries in the past, the splendidly picturesque Sveti Stefan Island was home to tiny fishing communities until the entire island was bought and transformed into a luxury beach resort. It became an instant hit with numerous ruling elites of the world, with guest including Queen Elizabeth II and Sofia Loren. However, the island suffered a slump in popularity in the late 90s and celebrity footfalls to the resort reported an all time low. However, the beach resort has been given an exclusive makeover and the resort was reopened this summer, with even more panache than ever. Sveti Stefan is situated at the heart of the country’s beach culture on the banks of the Budva Riviera. The Mediterranean climate makes it a happening destination from March to September.

Telluride, USA

Telluride does have the potential to become the new Aspen. A-listers like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise and Katie Price have exclusive villas here. The once deserted mining town with Native American hunting grounds nearby has been rechristened into a den for fun filled outdoor. Winter allows skiers to get busy on the slopes and participate in the après-skiing festival; September sees the arrival of the annual film festival and the spotting of the who’s who of Hollywood in their comfortable best. Telluride may sound obscure and remote but it is very well connected to prominent cities of the USA either by air or excellent road connections

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