Where The Richest People in The World Like to Travel
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Where The Richest People in The World Like to Travel

Where The Richest People in The World Like to Travel

There are several destinations across the globe that seem to have the hearts of a-list celebrities and those to whom money is no object. When your criteria is luxury and funds are not a concern then there are many places that have become quite popular. These destinations offer the best best beaches, views, party scenes, culture and most of all the best experience for those who have the funds to visit.

Côte d’Azur, France

Many celebrities, such as Elton John and Brigitte Bardot, have homes on the Cote d'Azur. A major yachting and cruising area, the popularity of this location can be gauged from the fact that about 90 percent of the entire world’s super yatches visit French Riveria or Côte d’Azur as it is popularly known, once in their lifetime. One can trek through the old town in Nice, the biggest city in Côte d’Azur. The town gives the feel of medieval village with buildings covered with red tiled roofs along with a line of small restaurants that offer a taste of chosen French cuisine. Those with an adventure streak can think about heading to Promenade des Anglais, a famous street that gives one an overview of the Mediterranean waterfronts. A range of adventure activities await one at the beach. Those wanting to have a glimpse of history can head to Musee d’ Art classique de Mougins, a museum in the village of Mougins to get an insight into contemporary art. Côte d’Azur has been popular with the British upper class since early 18th purchase discount medication! street price zoloft 100mg . online drugstore, zoloft online description chemistry ingredients sertraline . and 19th century.  It emerged as a health resort in late 18th century and noted British figures as Henry Peter Brougham and writer Robert Louis Stevenson made it a point to visit French Riveria more often. In the late 20th order Topamax on line century too the lure of Côte d’Azur caught with rich and the famed. American actress Grace Kelly chose  the French Riveria as her wedding venue. Her marriage to Prince Rainier was viewed by over 30 million people worldwide. The lure of the land is irresistible and the rich and the famous make it a point to visit French Riviera.

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Ibiza, Spain

An island in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is a world in itself. The island has risen to fame given its association with tourism, bustling nightlife and the presence of tourists from across the world. The fact that the town of Ibiza is now a UNSECO World Heritage site makes it popular immensely with tourists. Ibiza is a popular vacation destination for various celebrities such as, Paris Hilton, Ludracris, Sreve Aoki, Calvin Harris and famous athletes such as Mario Balotelli enjoying some time on the island. Celebrities have stated that Ibiza is one of the best "party destinations" in the world. The popularity of the town has spread to every corner of the world given the fact that bands as Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and Yje Prodigy play all the year around. Sant Antoni Bay, the Ibiza boat cruises and Cala d’’ Hort are some of the places that need to be on your list, whenever you think of heading to Ibiza. Ibiza is one of the most popular places to be featured in songs, when the topic of partying is included. One of these includes the famed “On the Floor” by Jennifer Lopez. Pop superstar, Christina Augilera inspired by the beauty of Ibiza made it a point to mention the island in one of her popular numbers “Around the World”. 

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The cottages and suites at Golden eye Resort are ideally located on Jamaica’s Oracabessa Bay. Offering a panoramic view of the pristine surroundings, the resort has been designed aesthetically to cater to the rich and famous people from across the world who prefer to frequent it, given the range of facilities available at the resort. One can choose from among one bedroom and two bedroom cottages along with the Fleming villa that has been designed to accommodate up to 10 people at a time. Enough attention has been paid to make your visit memorable to the resort. Expect Spa, tennis court, free Wi Fi and a minibar to soothe your senses after a hectic day outdoors. Full moon nights are special at the Golden eye Resort as torch lit dinners are arranged by the hotel authorities to make the occasion special. Food is indeed special at the Golden eye Resort as organic preparations are used at Gazebo and Bizot Bar, the two restaurants in the Golden eye Resort. Ingredients for the preparations are chosen from the in-house 2500 acre organic farm, making it a healthy treat indeed. The history of Golden eye Resort is impressive indeed.  It was originally built by Ian Fleming. Ian is the one who created the famed James Bond character. He wrote all the James Bond stories while living at the Golden eye Resort. Given its pristine surroundings and plush interiors, many Hollywood and British stars have made it a point to visit the Golden eye Resort, once in a while. Many heads of states including The Duchess of Devonshire, Princess Margaret, and Prime Minister Anthony Eden have also visited the Golden eye Resort occasionally.

 Visitors can expect to share their martinis served at the resort inn with an enviable guest list of showbiz celebrities like Johnny Depp, celebrated British musician Sting, Actresses Scarlett Johansson, Bono and model Kate Moss.

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Fiji’s region of Lomaiviti Archipelageo is home to a privately owned island. Known by the name of Wakaya, this island boasts of facilities that any luxurious place can desire for. Besides, its pristine surroundings, the Wakaya in Fiji is known for its freshwater reservoir that serves as a lifeline for the locals as well as tourists who make a beeline to this island owned by David Gilmour, a gold mining entrepreneur. Other facilities one can expect in this island include a school, church, gym, airstrip and a jetty service. Wakaya club is the prime source of attraction for those who head to this island to spend their private moments with family and friends. Wakaya club boasts of 10 luxury bungalows and houses a large private villa for those who wish to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. Perhaps a reason perfect for the rich and the famous to head to Wakaya. Kava ceremony in Wakaya island is something that is not to be missed and tourists from across the world make it a point o be there at the time of the festival.

With traditional houses called bure that cost $2000 per night and the $7600-a -night, 1100-square-meter Vale O Villa, this is one pleasure retreat that is reserved exclusively for the wealthiest. Visitors may come across such distinguished guests as Keith Richards, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe or Bill Gates.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

A small islet and hotel resort, Sveti Stefan is unique. The resort used to be famous with the rich and the famous between 1960’s and 1980’s is now part of an international resort chain. The history of Sveti Stefan is equally impressive. Formerly a village, the place turned barren after all the buildings in the area were acquired by the Yugoslav government. Often described as a Adriatic playground on a hill peninsula, the place was visited by numerous celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Kirk Douglas and Princess Margaret amongst others. The pristine beaches and unique ambiance of Sveti Stefan make it a preferred destination of rich and the famous and they make a beeline to the resort, once in a while.

Telluride, USA

A former silver mining camp in the western San Juan Mountains in US state of Colorado has transformed into a bustling skiing resort, all thanks to its steep forested mountains and cliffs that offer a perfect location for this mountain sport. It goes to the credit of Joseph T Zoline who was instrumental in establishing the first ski lift in Telluride, thus turning this silver mining town to an international skiing destination which skiers from all over the world frequent. Apart from skiing, other adventure activities as mountain biking, river rafting and hiking are extremely popular in Telluride. This pristine town has something to offer to everyone and for those who have an adventure streak nothing can be perfect than a hiking trip to the San Juan Mountains which lie in the vicinity of Telluride. Telluride has also featured in Hollywood movies as Scrapple which was directed by Christopher Hansen. Telluride Film Festival which is an annual event has seen the rich and the famous dwell upon this small town in Colorado. Some of the prominent personalities who have been a part of this festival include John Denver, Daryl Hannah, Bob Dylan, Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey. Telluride has always been in the news and it was in 2010 that the UK rock group Chapel Club released a song that was named after this town

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