Whopping! 192 GB on a wearable Gresso pendant

Andrea Divirgilio / September 25, 2008

gresso limited edition pendant  image 1 v4NYu 59

Making a gadget wearable as an ornament is not the best thing to do, if you lack proficiency and a sense to choose the perfect material. In this case, the gadget on display is exempted from this fault, for the makers have done exactly the opposite. The Gresso wearable pendant, in functionality is a 192 GB USB, carved out of (Gresso Exclusive) 200-year-old African wood. The “material” part is pleasing, as it chooses to flash luxury with diamond and gold crumbs. The design has been completed in a unique manner by clubbing three angles, each of them having an embedded 64 GB USB. The exclusive whiff is also given space, as only 99 of them will be manufactured.

gresso limited edition pendant  image 2 YxmG9 59
gresso limited edition pendant  image 3 f5I4D 59

Via: Gizmag

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