Wild Red Toyota Camry with 24-karat gold wheels

Andrea Divirgilio / August 1, 2008

gold plated toyota camry Q6zWk 48Falling in love is rewarding experience, especially when you are behind the wheel of the 2007 Camry. The feeling gets even better when the wheels are of gold. We lately spotted the Golden Porsche that missed out list of Top 12 absolutely incredible bling-bling vehicles by few days. Pimping the vehicles with gold, diamond and Swarovski does help to exhibit your excess wealth on the roads. If you’ve got loads of cash dumped in banks, it’s time to take a look at the 2007 wild red Toyota Camry that has wheels and chrome parts plated with 24-karat gold. The exclusive gold plated car, which comes complete with state of the art features and 18-inch wheels, has been put up for auction on Souq. You can bid for the car with golden wheels until the 13th of August. At AED 135,000 ($36,770), the car looks to be a bargain.

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