Wilson Audio’s Alexandria XLF Loudspeaker is an exotic piece of high-end audio for $195,000

Andrea Divirgilio / November 18, 2011

Alexandria XLF

The imposing Alexandria which can grace any art gallery for its aesthetic appeal, can adore your living room equally well with dignity and grace. The mere sight of it makes you wonder whether it’s the Godfather of all speakers for the sheer size and aura that surrounds it and of course, not to mention a very hefty price tag. The XLF Continues the legacy of Wilson Audio, well-known for its high-end audio like the Sasha loudspeakers and the MAXX series, we had earlier told you about. The latest Alexandria XLF improves upon the performance of the X-2 series which is no less in might and beauty. You’ll simply fall in love with these beautifully crafted floor-standing loudspeakers that offer more than just excellent quality sound.

Alexandria XLF

A truly enriching bass that is a hallmark of the XLF is an attribute of Wilson’s latest bass management system. This simple yet highly effective system allows users to optimize bass quality and extension to match the characteristics of the sound room. Despite the system being passive, it only enhances the speaker’s reputation as it doesn’t suffer from the laxities which plague the speakers with active bass system. The XLF also feature Wilson’s all new driver technology about which no detail is available yet. Making use of Wilson’s latest cabinet analysis tools, their crew has lowered the already low resonant contribution of the enclosure. The cabinet is dressed in Wilson’s latest composite materials that include the revolutionary S material. The XLF will not be available anytime before early 2012 as Wilson is currently taking orders on first-come first-served basis. Also, bringing one of these exquisite sound pieces home will cost $195,000 which needs a little budgeting in your Christmas shopping, maybe.

Via: Ecoustics

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