Wilson Audio unveils new high-end WP speaker system

Andrea Divirgilio / April 29, 2009

alexandria wilson audio2
Wilson Audio is all set to cast another musical spell on the high-end audio lovers with their newest speaker system called the Wilson Audio Sasha WP (WATT/Puppy). The high-end speaker manufacturer has launched successive versions of the WATT/Puppy for over 20 years, but instead of resting on its past glory, Wilson Audio has decided to impress the audiophiles with a radical re-imagination of the company’s signature WATT/Puppy concept (the picture featured here is based on the Alexandria speakers). The Wilson Sasha WP is reportedly designed to be a full-range speaker in a two piece chassis that fits in Wilson’s lofty line of speakers closer to the legendary WATT Puppy Version 8, but in a new form. The new model will inherit the technology from the $65,000 Wilson MAXX3 speaker system, updated industrial design, midrange drivers from the top of the line Wilson Alexandria and more. The cabinet is made of 30% quieter substance. Sasha WP will also boast incredible finishes and high-end craftsmanship known to Wilson audio gadgetry. The new speakers are scheduled for a launch on May 15 for a $20K price tag.

Check out a promo at the site.

Via: AVGuide

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