WineKeep Modular Wine Lockers are available in custom colors to match your decor
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WineKeep Modular Wine Lockers are available in custom colors to match your decor

WineKeep Modular Wine Lockers are available in custom colors to match your decor

For the wine collectors, who owns an army of rare and expensive wine bottles, what further drives the value is preserving them at the right temperature and in right conditions. We have earlier told you about some of the finest wine cellars, including Sand & Birch wine cellars, besides walk-in wine cellars, like Vintec Transthermhas' Espace to store a vast collection. The latest is Winekeep's designer wine lockers, that are custom designed to match your exact specifications and are available in a range of colors to complement your interiors.

Winekeep wine lockers

WineKeep has always has always been known for their customized wine cellar storage units. Their latest offering, a high-efficiency temperature controlled cold storage room, therefore, deserves to be called mind blowing, with a touch of simplicity attached. The unit’s cam-looking modular panels fit together effortlessly and can always be relocated or expanded at your pleasure. All products meet the EISA laws regulating cooled spaces at 55 degrees or cooler. The wine cellars feature lockable glass entry door with LED lights and pre-assembled indoor remote refrigeration system, and are available in different standard models. So, in case you are looking for a cellar that can fit in your living room, or basement and yet can store up to forty bottles of wine, then get the wine locker’s tiniest model.

By utilizing materials of highest quality, WineKeep’s customized rooms provide the best in flexible design, quality, and configuration. Right from the initial quote down to the time of shipment and delivery, the customer will be kept informed and posted. The manufactured rooms for the current product include a ceiling, a glass door, wine storage racks and a cooling unit. It’s a one-under-the-same-roof den for your mesmerizing wine collection.

Winekeep wine cellars

Besides the standard Galvanized black metal finish, WineKeep offers over 20 different smooth metal colors for the exterior to blend with your aesthetics and become the focal point of your room.

The luxury wine cellars we had earlier told you about includes, the Walk-in cellar vault which had the capacity to hold 1,500 bottles. Apart from redwood racks and a Wine Mate cooling system, it also boasted of a computer panel inventory system for a $30,000 price tag! The WineKeep beauty may not be able to provide you with all of these facilities, it, at least, offers good value for the money.

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