Winston Churchill’s Custom Land Rover up for auction
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Winston Churchill’s Custom Land Rover up for auction

Winston Churchill’s Custom Land Rover up for auction

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Since 1954, the vehicle has changed its hands twice. The car was inherited by his son-in-law, Lord Soames after the death of Sir Winston Churchill in January 1965. He further sold it for £160 in 1973 to his friend Norman Mills at a farm contents sale, who further sold it to his neighbor Kent farmer Frank Quay for £320 in the same year. Quay used the dark green pick-up for light farm duties and towing his daughter's horse trailer until its road tax expired in 1977. Since then the car was stored in a shed. Mr Quay tried to sell the historic vehicle through Sotheby's internet auction in 1999 in conjunction with Amazon, but was pulled off from the auction due to some technical difficulties in the online auction and a lack of bidders.

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The high historical provenance remains intact, including an extra-wide passenger seat to accommodate Sir Winston's rounded girth, a fold-down arm rest, a leather-clad grab handle and a footwell heater. The other highlight includes a wooden box specially fitted so that Churchill could indulge his hobby of bricklaying.

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Truly a collector’s delight, the car is expected to fetch between £50,000 and £60,000 ($94,158) when it goes under the hammer at Cheffins sale in Sutton on October 20.

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Via: Gizmodo/BBC

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