Winston Churchill’s Vintage Daimler DB 18 Drophead Coupe sold for $614,500
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Winston Churchill’s Vintage Daimler DB 18 Drophead Coupe sold for $614,500

Winston Churchill’s Vintage Daimler DB 18 Drophead Coupe sold for $614,500

Great Britain's World War-II Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill was known to have his own style statements, the main ones being the hat and the cigar. Apart from those, he was also known to have Cytotec no prescription a fair liking for cars, like we saw in the case of the

Sir Winston Churchill using the Daimler DB18 during one of his election campaigns

Some might call this an irony of fate, or just a coincidence, that the Daimler DB18 has been sold in Germany, when Sildenafil this country was the main opponent of Sir Churchill during the World War II. But it seems, there are are collectors in Germany who ended up paying top dollar for this historic vehicle with Chassis Number 49531.

Sir Winston Churchill using the Daimler DB18 is perhaps the only of it's kind surviving in the world today

Other than it's association with the great leader, the car is quiet the machine to admire. The coachwork was done by Carlton Carriage Corporation, who added a strong sense of sophistication of the black and silver tones on the exterior body. The strong theme has also been carried inside with the green leather upholstery, and 3-position chocolate colored folding Disulfiram online roof. This Daimler packed some distinct features under it's hood as well. The transmission was controlled by a 4-speed Wilson pre-selector gearing system which worked with a Fluid Flywheel. Before changing the gear, one had to select it before hand, and then use a change pedal to intact the same. This mechanism was vastly different from the conventional manual transmission or an automatic gearing system we know of.

Sir Winston Churchill using the Daimler DB18 has undergone an extensive restoration to look the way it is

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For those of you wondering how the vehicle has managed to look in such top notch shape, some of it's previous owners have spent $264,000 for a total restoration job of it's parts, and bring back the former glory. Earlier, it was supposed to change hands at the Brooklands Historics' sale, but due to the sudden death of the last owner, the sale didn't go through. However, for those interested about memorabilia about Sir Winston Churchill, do check out the $1.2 million painting auction last year, which also had some other items of his going for sale.

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