With the Pendleton safe, you’re never more than one gun away

Andrea Divirgilio / November 15, 2010

pendleton gun safes

Whether you are an avid gun collector or just getting started, you might love to consider the Pendleton gun cabinet to house your wide range of valued guns. Featuring a high-contrast interior, user-customizable racks and over 300 LED lights, the Pendleton gun safe sets the standard. Created by Bruce Pendleton, the cabinet features a unique revolving design, which makes gun storage an easy task. Other highlights include the original pistol shelving technology, S&G electronic locking system and chrome plated handles. Bruce Pendleton personally guarantees the quality and reliability of every safe they make. With the custom safe, no gun is an obstacle and you’re never more than one gun away.

pendleton safes

Via: Gizmodo/Core77

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