Wondering What Did Emmy Swag Bags 2014 Contain?
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Wondering What Did Emmy Swag Bags 2014 Contain?

Wondering What Did Emmy Swag Bags 2014 Contain?

The 2014 Free Swag will ensure that Emmy nominees who lose are still going to win big. The gift goody bags for this year are worth at least $50, 000. The rich and famous are always gifted with expensive handbags and exotic vacations, as though they need them! Although this may seem like an injustice, peeking into these bags, finding out whats inside and what the stars are taking home, is still fun!

Valued at just $10 LIQRpop will be available for those actors who feel the need to loosen up. This device is a full serving of alcohol surrounded by ice pop on the outside. It can be sipped from the inside of the pop, poured over a frozen cocktail or if preferred, a playful serving method may be the choice, shot from a distance of 4 to 6 feet! This patent pending pleasure will be a part of the Emmy Swag Bag.

Valued at $225 Corazons Custom Catering are ready to spoil individuals and ten to fifteen of their closest friends with a delicious array of Filipino-French fusion food. The perfect means of celebrating or commiserating the awards.

Valued at $700 the celebrities who spend so much on keeping in shape in an attempt to always look their best, will all be given a six months free membership to David Barton Gym. This is sure to come in handy.

A Psychic reading valued at $1,500 is an intuition Breakthrough Blueprint Reading done by Joanna Garzilli. Nominees and presenters will have their soul’s purpose mapped out for the life they are supposed to lead, without any type of limitations. This reading will reveal hidden gifts and talents within, perhaps even a future Emmy or two!

Valued at $2,000, a 4 day trip to Cancun will help you unwind after the stress of the Emmy’s. Relaxation is the name of the game at the 39 treatment room spa, or Celebrities can choose to spend a day on the 27-hole Jack Nicklaus golf course.

Valued at $3,000, Maxim Mattress is including a $1,000 gift luxury line gift certificate with a luxurious queen-size mattress, where each actor can rest and dream about their new roles as future stars! This will ensure that each celebrity has a good night’s sleep before taking a trip.

Valued at $4,034 celebrities can get away from the beaches with a trip to Aspen’s The Little Nell. This getaway is a five-star, five-diamond hotel that offers ski-in and ski-out access to Aspen Mountain.

Valued at $10,000, a five day trip to the Mulia Resort in Bali will be a welcome retreat from all that acceptance speech stress! Dinner at the beach front restaurant, a Balinese spa treatment and signature ocean court room accommodation.

These trips will be put to good use with celebrities having more vacation time than most people. Anyone can only take so much beach, which makes the trip to Aspen Colorado the most popular gift of all.

The Free Emmy Swag Bags worth $50 000 are also rumored to contain plenty of beauty products for both men and women. Some Australian brands are said to be willingly gifting their products in the hope that the celebrities will rave about them.

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