Wood eyewear made from Bushmills Irish White Oak whiskey barrels
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Wood eyewear made from Bushmills Irish White Oak whiskey barrels

Wood eyewear made from Bushmills Irish White Oak whiskey barrels
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We have previously seen wood being used with gold to create designer sunglasses in Gold & Wood eyewear collection, but the experiment with nature series from Shwood, takes a rather intoxicating turn towards creativity. In what might be a very creative and exotic churn of offerings for the discerning fashionista, a noted Irish whiskey brand and Orgeon based eyewear maker have joined hands to design its new collection of exotic eyewear, buy Lithium with a difference. Made from the Oakwood barrels used for brewing Irish whiskey by Bushmills, these sunglasses are created in a limited set each time, with a variety of options to choose from.

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Bushmills Shwood eyewear collection

The prices for these Retin-A to sale glasses could range from anything between $180- $225 a pair. Crafted in Portland, Oregon, these glasses have 7 options to choose from a variety of patterns, many of which have a minimalistic look, to some options with a retro style of pattern. Paired with the premium quality of lenses from Carl Zeiss, each piece from the series gets individually crafted by hand, and that too with precise measurements according to design. If opted for, one can even order a Carl Zeiss lens set which offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, but that would actually come at a greater premium of price. However, the limited edition numbers with their respective prices are as follows: The Canby Bushmills (100 pieces) - $225 a pair, Canby Pendleton (1,000 pieces) - $210 a pair, Canby Kicks Hi (200 pieces) - $180 a pair, Canby Six Ply fade (50 pieces) - $180 a pair, Canby Skateboard Shades (one-off piece only), Canby East Indian Rosewood and Maple Stack (100 pieces)- $195 a pair, Canby East India Rosewood & zebrawood stack (100 pieces)- $195 a pair.

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Those who wish to get hold of these Irish whiskey cask sunglasses do Toradol online hurry in with your orders, and most are already sold out. However, there is another designer series

Via: Shwood/ Core 77

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