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Wooden cradle crammed with 2,000 diamond, ruby and emerald gems

Andrea Divirgilio / August 1, 2007

wooden cradle
Have you ever attended any royal ceremony? If yes, you know the charm and if not, you can simply imagine how much blingy the things could be. Pictured above is an 18th century wooden cradle fully loaded with gold plates and festooned with about 2,000 gems of diamond, ruby, and emerald. The blingy wooden cradle is on display at the ‘Treasures of the Topkapi Palace and the Magnificent Ottoman Dynasty’ exhibition in Tokyo. Other than the sparkling cradle, there are around 140 treasures from the residence of the Ottoman Empire on exhibit to celebrate the birth of Prince Hisahito on 6 September 2006 to Princess Kiko, the wife of Japanese Emperor Akihito’s second son Prince Akishino. The exhibition will run from 1 August to 24 September. Although, the luxuriant items are not for sale but, they are worth a watch provided you get the entry.

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