World Debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 of the McLaren P1 GTR
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World Debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 of the McLaren P1 GTR

World Debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 of the McLaren P1 GTR

Every motoring enthusiasts or petrol head as they are fondly referred to, knows that the Geneva Motor Show is one of the premier motoring events in Europe. The show historically happens in March of every year in Geneva, Switzerland. The first of its kind was held in 1905 and it brings together different automakers who showcase their products to motoring enthusiasts from all over the world who attend this show. The 2015 edition of the motor show will be held from 5-15 March at the Geneva Palexpo and it is organized by the Organization Internationale des constructeurs d’Automobiles. This year will be the 85th edition of this particular motor show.


For this year’s edition there will be a variety of cars in which to feast your eyes on. This year the car to watch out for will be the McLaren P1 GTR. Last year at the Pebble beach Concours d’Elegance McLaren showcased the McLaren P1 GTR concept which worked to whet the appetite for the final car. This year at the Geneva Motor Show the wait will be over because in March 2014 McLaren announced their intentions of showcasing the McLaren P1 GTR at the Geneva Motor Show. This car is all the rage at the moment in the motoring world and looking at the stats that this car is likely to boast of makes it understandable.

The McLaren P1 GTR is expected to have a lot of power and the company states that the car will have a power-to-weight ratio of about 700 break horse power (bhp) per tonne which is 10% more than what the standard P1 has. The standard P1 already had immense power of 727 bhp in total but this new GTR takes it to a whole new level of power. Another interesting feature of this new car is that McLaren have found ways to reduce the weight of this car in comparison to the already lightweight McLaren P1. Though the exact details are yet to be released, it is understood that the makers of the car pushed the envelope as regards the material used for building this car hence the weight loss.


The P1 GTR is meant to have a racing pedigree which is witnessed from the steering wheel it will have. The steering is based on the one on the MP4-23 which is the car that propelled Lewis Hamilton to achieve the F1 World Drivers’ victory in the year 2008.

Unless McLaren went back to the drawing board to review the power that the McLaren P1 GTR should have, it is expected that the car will have 986 horse powers which is much higher than the 901 horse powers found in the standard P1. McLaren also indicate that the P1 GTR’s aerodynamics and cooling mechanisms have drastically changed since the P1 GTR concept car showcased at Pebble Beach. The development team has been conducting tests to the car in Europe, Qatar and Bahrain. However, to get the final specs for this car we shall have to cool down our horses and wait for the Geneva Motor Show to commence.


The production of the McLaren P1 GTR has been slated to commence later in 2015. It is expected that customers purchasing this car will have the opportunity to customize their own cars seeing that the selling price for the P1 GTR will be around $3 million. With many people awaiting the world debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 of the McLaren P1 GTR, there is no doubt that the car will be among the most revered hyper cars.

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