The world most expensive shisha sells for $60,000
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The world most expensive shisha sells for $60,000

The world most expensive shisha sells for $60,000

For the delight of discerning individuals who thinks smoking shisha, is just the perfect way to unwind in an evening, the brand

The Desvall shisha truly embodies Sweden’s critically acclaimed artisanal heritage with the use of hand-shaped ceramics, pioneering use of metal and leather working techniques, as well as the exquisite and rare reindeer antler carvings of the indigenous Sami people.

Interestingly, in the pursuit of the artistically perfect shisha, Desvall have developed several limited edition designs including the most expensive shisha that sells for staggering $60,000.

Crystal Gold Edition Shisha

Crystal Gold Edition Desvall Shisha

Price: $60,000

With gold plated body material, exquisite 24ct gold details along with hand-crafted white leather, the Crystal Gold edition is the most expensive shisha from the house of Desvall, which represents the ultimate blend of technological precision and handmade tradition. Further, its hand-cut glass vase material has been hand-blown by Orrefors in Sweden.

Gold Edition Shisha

Gold Edition Desvall Shisha

Described as the choice of modern emperors, this kingly gold-on gold shisha boasts 24-carat gold plated body and ring, with the central ring completely embellished with Swarovski crystals. While the white handcrafted leather completes its kingly look.

Black Edition Shisha

Black Edition Desvall Shisha

Complimented by a 24ct, gold plated ring adorned with Swarovski crystals, this edition features a stunning metallic black tower. The pipe has been crafted from the finest hand-sewn black leather.

Black Edition Desvall Shisha

Chrome Edition Shisha

Chrome Edition Desvall Shisha

With chrome plating over the whole body as well on the central ring, this seamless masterpiece also boasts a ring wreathed with Swarovski crystals. And, its regal look is completed by supple, handcrafted white leather.

Notably, the Devall Shisha can also be customized to a buyer’s taste and specification, following a one-to-one meeting at their convenience. And, it’ll cost a total of $100,000 to craft that one limited edition piece.

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