World’s first mechanical cellphone in pictures

Andrea Divirgilio / March 15, 2010

We have earlier told you about the upcoming launch of the Papillon, the CELSIUS X VI II mechanical tourbillon cellphone is inspired by the high-end Swiss watches and is designed to merge the mechanical movement of a high-end watch into the phone. And if you thought it was a concept, the real shots of the concept have emerged to validate its design. The phone is made with 547 mechanical parts, and it features a tourbillon in its hinge. The unique combination uses a patented Remontage Papillon mechanism that mimics butterfly movement, and is activated when the wings are unfolded. The phone will operate solely through human energy and is touted as an entirely mechanical cellphone. This luxurious watch-phone will be priced at approx. $275,000 and will make its debut at the upcoming Basel World watch fair in Switzerland, which reminds us of the launch of the Ulysse Nardin luxury hybrid smart phone, which made waves for being the world’s first horologically inspired phone that is charged both by electricity and by the kinetic energy of a working rotor. The prices for Ulysse Nardin’s mechanical phones start at around $10,000 and go as high as $70,000 for the all-gold versions.

Via: Gizmodo/Watchismo/The Awesomer

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