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World’s first whisky bottle to break the six-figure price barrier

Andrea Divirgilio / October 15, 2010

dalmore 64 trinitas

On Thursday, the Dalmore distillery near Inverness, Scotland made a new record by selling two of the three world’s most expensive Scotch whisky bottles, “Dalmore 64 Trinitas” for £100,000/$160,100 each. The distillery said that if the 64-year-old Trinitas was sold by the glass, it could cost up to £20,000 or about $32,000 a glass. Back in 2003, the distillery set a world record by selling a bottle of 62-year old Dalmore for over £25,000. In 2006, another bottle of the same whisky went for £32,000. The Trinitas is made of the rarest and oldest stocks of whisky in the world.

Mahesh Patel, an American collector, bought the first bottle and the other one went to a buyer in the U.K. Mahesh Patel said…

Whisky is my passion. I love it. I have over 1,000 bottles in my collection, and the Dalmore Trinitas is now the jewel in the crown.

Each bottle comes with its own display cabinet, which contains a special hidden drawer featuring the authentication documents for the whisky and a key to a lock for the case. The last bottle left will be sold at the Whisky Show in London at the end of October.

Via: Luxist/Independent/National Post

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