World War II’s Battle of Britain “The Hurricane” fighter aircraft is expected to fetch $2.72 million

Andrea Divirgilio / October 12, 2012

Although the British single-seat fighter aircraft designed and predominantly built for the Royal Air Force ‘RAF’, the Hurricane was largely overshadowed by its service partner the Supermarine Spitfire, but it became renowned during the Battle of Britain, where it shot down more enemy fighter-aircrafts than the Spitfire. Accounting for 60% of the RAF’s air victories in the battle, this ‘hero of the Battle of Britain’ that masterly defended British shores during WW II’s Battle of Britain, will now be the star attraction at the Bonhams sale of collectors’ Motor Cars and Automobilia at Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands. Presented for auction in highly-original condition, this particular Hurricane Mk XIIa 5711 (G-HURI) described as one of only a handful aircrafts still flying today will be auctioned on December 3rd in Weybridge, Surrey, UK, which is also the spiritual home of the Hurricane.

World War II's Battle of Britain

Built back I 1942 and equipped with 12 Browning .303 machine guns, the Hurricane Mk XIIa 5711 (G-HURI) is said to have protected convoys on the east coast shore line from German U-boat activity, or have been used as training aircraft.

Historically, back in 1947, it was struck off-charge from RCAF, and was later restored to flight, making its first post-restoration flight back in 1989, before being acquired in 2002 by the Historic Aircraft Collection.

Expected to fetch a price of $2.72 million, this 0.5 ton aircraft is capable to fly for 900 miles with a maximum speed of 322 mph. However, we have earlier seen that the iconic World War II Spitfire also fetched $2.72 million at Bonhams auction held at the RAF Museum, London, back in 2009.

For the serious collectors of aviation and military memorabilia, now is the chance to own a piece of history with an original U.K. World War II fighter up for auction at Bonhams Brooklands sale. Collectors and connoisseurs like the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen have been buying vintage aircrafts as investment collectibles. The auction of this aircraft will appeal to collectors like billionaire , who also owns a two-eater Soviet-designed fighter jet, the Mig-29.

Via: Bonhams

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