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World War Z: One of the Most Expensive Movies Ever Made- $368 Million

Alberto / July 24, 2013

Until the beginning of the 1990′s decade movie reviews and box office collections were not considered hot enough topics to be debated endlessly in the mainstream media. However a little piece of news pertaining to the recent Hollywood film “World War Z” has managed to garner plenty of attention in the global media and has even overshadowed news reports of current political events.

According to media reports, with the recent release of the expensive Hollywood zombie flick World War Z, the trend of escalating budgets in Hollywood is rapidly gaining momentum. The Zombie flick is Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt’s first attempt to establish himself as an action super hero. In the movie Pitt essays the role of the person who is trying to save the world from zombie destruction. The flick is based on Max Brooke’s popular detailed science fiction novel of the same name. World War Z has been screened as the opening film at the prestigious 35th Moscow International film festival and has managed to garner rave reviews.

However there are some controversies plaguing the film which range from issues like re shoots and an inexperienced creative team that caused the budget to bloat from $170 million to a staggering $400 million. The original novel has detailed notes of several survivors from the cataclysmic zombie apocalypse that strikes the world depicted in it. Media reports suggested that the actor’s production company had to pay an extra $200 million to re shoot the final 40 minutes of the movie since many of the film’s executives did not like the climax of World War Z. There were also strong rumours that suggested major creative differences between the film’s director Marc Foster and Pitt. The locations featured in the movie were some of the most exotic locales in the world. Reportedly scenes of the film were shot in three continents. Shooting in places like Glasgow, New York, Russia, Malta and Budapest also contributed substantially to the escalating budget costs.  Critically acclaimed writer Damon Lindelof was roped in as a last minute addition to help steer the film in the right track.

In general, the movie has received favourable responses from movie critics. Initially there were apprehensions that the $400 million zombie movie might struggle at the box office due to the fact that is not a part of any blockbuster franchise series. However World War Z has managed to allay such fears and made more than $400 million at the box office.

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