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The World’s Most Advanced and Expensive Scrabble Set unveiled for Prague Mind Sports Festival

Andrea Divirgilio / November 19, 2012

In preparation for the upcoming Prague Mind Sports Festival which offers mind sports enthusiasts from all over the world an opportunity to broaden their mental horizons, the organizers have this time gave Scrabble board a state-of-the-art technological makeover. As the Mind Sports International has splashed out a whopping $31,830 to create one of the world’s most advanced and expensive Scrabble board that packs RFID technology, and broadcasts tournaments online in real time. Especially developed to bring the famous Scrabble tournaments to life, whilst reaching worldwide audience, this revolutionary Scrabble board will impressively broadcast Scrabble in all its glory, interacting with around the globe audience that share a common passion for this iconic Scrabble game and mind sports.

World's most advanced and expensive £20,000 Scrabble System

Actually, this advanced Scrabble board’s system utilizes RFID technology to read the entire board in just nano-seconds, thus transmitting the real-time information via specially developed tournament play software that shows each tile’s location online alongside each player’s high-definition video footage to viewers online.

World's most advanced and expensive £20,000 Scrabble System

The Scrabble board’s turntable unit has integrated RGB controlled LED lighting, carbon fiber finish, and comprises of 9 RFID circuit boards that actually houses a total of 225 RFID antennas, which read each individual Scrabble square. Further, each scrabble letter tile has its own uniquely identifiable RFID tag tchnically embedded with an RFID circuit board.

World's most advanced and expensive £20,000 Scrabble System

Besides, we have also seen some of the other finest scrabble boards including the Hammacher Schlemmer’s world’s largest scrabble game sells for $12,000, the celebrity signed Swarovski encrusted scrabble, and the Hasbro’s $20,000 Swarovski Scrabble board.

Via: Mind Sports/Press Release

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